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Feature Stories
Why silver jewellery isn’t losing its sheen anytime soon

Global demand for silver jewellery has taken a hit but EMILY MOBBS discovers that the metal continues to soldier on in Australia and New Zealand. Read more »
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Feature Stories
Why silver jewellery continues to shine

Silver continues its journey towards legitimacy in luxury jewellery. EMILY MOBBS looks at the factors helping to ensure the metal shines on. Read more »

Feature Stories
Cracking the code: how to sell jewellery to men

Selling to men is thought to be easier than selling to women … until it comes to jewellery. EMILY MOBBS speaks with a ring of jewellers who think they may have cracked the code. Read more »
Endless Jewelry

Feature Stories
Capitalise on white metal jewellery sales this Christmas

White metals have continued a winning streak with consumers in 2015, so what better time to capitalise on sales opportunities than the annual Christmas rush? EMILY MOBBS reports. Read more »
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Feature Stories
Silver strikes gold

Silver jewellery has a firm footing in the marketplace but could reduced margins, increasing amounts of aged-stock and a stabilisation in gold price have any impact on the metal’s future success? EMILY MOBBS investigates. Subscription required. Read more »
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Feature Stories
So hot white now

White metal options are rapidly expanding. Emily Mobbs uncovers the latest alloy innovations hitting the market and where they stand alongside old favourites. Read more »

Feature Stories
Precious Metal Award

AWARD SPONSORED BY NATIONWIDE JEWELLERS - As the largest jewellery group in Australasia, representing more than 500 independent jewellery stores, Nationwide members enjoy a comprehensive range of marketing, merchandise and cost saving benefits, many of which are totally free. Even though jewellery stores in the Nationwide group don’t pay any fees or charges, they receive excellent discounts and rebates. Read more »

Feature Stories
Craftsmanship & Design Award: 1st & 2nd Year Apprentice/Student

AWARD SPONSORED BY PANDORA - Pandora designs, manufactures and markets high-quality jewellery products, providing women across the world with a universe of beautiful jewellery options at affordable prices. Propelled by a concept that allows women to combine 14-carat gold and solid sterling silver jewellery pieces to suit their personal style, the PANDORA brand has grown to be well known and loved. Read more »

Feature Stories
A silver lining for every generation

Silver jewellery is widely popular across all ages. Stephanie Chan explores how generation-specific marketing tactics can strengthen sales. Read more »
Peter W Beck

Feature Stories
White knight delight

White metals have long been objects of desire for the local market as extensive metal options and alloy innovations keep consumers wanting more. Emily Mobbs reports. Read more »

34 ways to increase sales in tough times

Consumers have money but they’re just not opening their wallets, right? Whether it’s continuing nervousness over the global financial crisis or people just being cautious, many retail sectors are struggling. Try these ideas to increase sales. 
Subscription required. Read more »

Silver continues to gain stature

Having long surpassed its “poor man’s gold” reputation, silver jewellery has undergone a major transformation and, as Emily Mobbs discovers, has come out the other side with a newfound “luxury” status. Subscription required. Read more »


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