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Craftsmanship & Design Award: 1st & 2nd Year Apprentice/Student

AWARD SPONSORED BY PANDORA - Pandora designs, manufactures and markets high-quality jewellery products, providing women across the world with a universe of beautiful jewellery options at affordable prices. Propelled by a concept that allows women to combine 14-carat gold and solid sterling silver jewellery pieces to suit their personal style, the PANDORA brand has grown to be well known and loved.

Pandora is proud to support and celebrate Australia and New Zealand’s most exciting jewellery designers and retailers.


The entrants

Designer: Mehrnoosh Ganji
Item: Decorative box and pendant
Name of piece: Lotus Transporter
Description of piece: A 15-sided object which opens to reveal a decorative box in the shape of an eye. There is a large single faceted topaz set at the pinnacle with four natural faceted garnets, set around the top section, it has four plique-a-jour enamelled panels. This piece can also be worn as a pendant by threading chain through the open bezels at the top.
Motivation: The lotus flower, from a bud through to the full bloom, inspires it. The lotus is a symbol of secrecy and the hidden container in the shape of an eye conceals the wearer’s hidden secrets.


Designer: Hannah Cross
Item: Ring
Name of piece: Atlantis
Description of piece: Statement, twin shank ring specifically designed for the right hand’s middle fingers.
Motivation: Inspiration was found in classical architecture precedents and the mythical sunken city of Atlantis. From this a miniature, dreamlike structure was created in silver and gemstones.




Designer: Katie Law
Item: Necklace
Name of piece: SIA
Description of piece: Silver mesh seed pod necklace with sapphires and a leaf chain.
Motivation: I wanted to test the skills that I have acquired in the past 18 months in a way that displayed the random symmetry found in nature.


Designer: Jason Cheetham
Item: Interchangeable Pendant, Earrings and Rings Set
Name of piece: Transformer
Description of piece: A multifunctional set that can free stand as a sculpture and be worn assembled together or separately. The set consists of a pendant, earrings and five rings that interlock.
Motivation: Movement and play are my motivation. Play on the eye, shadows and tactile puzzles provide insight and form. Geometry and balance, both symmetrical and not, inspire. Objects of beauty and function.




Designer: Jonathan Maher
Item: Ring
Name of piece: Keplerscope
Description of piece:The piece is a theatrical ring based heavily on satellites. It is a duel ring for stability and comfort and the piece is articulated.
Motivation: I have always been a fan of space and astronomy and when it came time to make my theatrical ring in year two I fell in love with this design.





The award categories

1st & 2nd year apprentice/student

3rd & 4th year apprentice/student

Precious Metal Award

Pearl Award

Coloured Gemstone Award

Diamond Award


Men's Accessories & Jewellery

Bridal Award

Reader's Choice Award


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