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The YJG cocktail function paved the way for young jewellers to meet and discuss their futures
The YJG cocktail function paved the way for young jewellers to meet and discuss their futures

Sydney fair brings Young Jewellers together

The Young Jewellers Group met for its inaugural gathering at Sydney’s International Jewellery Fair.
Amidst cocktails and conversation, about 30 people met for the first Young Jewellers Group meeting hosted by Jeweller editor, Coleby Nicholson.

A number of older people from the Australian jewellery industry also attended offering to help and guide younger members. The informal cocktail party was sponsored by fair organiser, Expertise Events, and by all reports the initiative proved to be a great success.

Nicholson, who initially called for young people in the jewellery industry to unite, said that Jeweller magazine is essentially a conduit for encouraging the group to trade ideas, expertise and inspiration. Following the success of its first meeting, Nicholson hopes to take a backward step to allow the members to take control of the group.

Ewen Ryley, a young NSW-based jeweller has been facilitating events via the growing YJG Facebook page and is urging more up-and-coming jewellers to get involved.

“I am passionate about this, and hope to communicate between the more experienced jewellers, suppliers and the new upcoming people in the trade,” Ryley said.

Ryley also added that the lack of support and guidance for young jewellers is high on the agenda for the YJG, citing his own difficult experiences as an apprentice jeweller.

“I had a tough apprenticeship,” said Ryley. “We need discussion about the system and the support that is given to apprentices. More guidance is needed from experienced jewellers to help the young through.”

Young people also represented New Zealand from the Kiwi jewellery industry. Naeem Alhaseny from Marqueez Jewellery was excited about the meeting, which gave her the opportunity to network with other young jewellers. Alhaseny explained she’s eager to help out whichever way she can.

“I hope to establish professional connections, broaden my own knowledge and it would be great to establish a support system,” Alhaseny said.

The YJG is encouraging new members to join, and is currently seeking a central contact to help coordinate members’ contact details. In the short-term the group is aiming to build on its early progress and consolidate its structure.

The Facebook page now has 195 members to date with more young jewellers commenting and networking with each other everyday.

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