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The One Night Under the Lights exhibition helped to promote the work of jewellery students

Jewellery exhibition gains much needed exposure

An exhibition showcasing the work of jewellery students has been hailed a success by organisers after attracting attention from the wider industry and helping to promote the future of the trade. Read more >>
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Pop-up Trade Days will be coming to Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland in February

Jewellery Trade Days launch in New Year

The jewellery Trade Days series will return to cities across Australia next year while a location has been added in New Zealand for the first time. Read more >>
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Funding cuts to jewellery diplomas have resulted in fears that fewer people will enter the industry

Jewellery diplomas stripped of government funding

Diplomas in jewellery are among a list of nearly 500 courses that will no longer be eligible for financial support under new Federal Government plans. Read more >>
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Pinterest is ideal for jewellers but don't be fooled by the myths

Don’t be fooled by Pinterest myths

Pinterest operates differently to other social media platforms and, as MELISSA MEGGINSON states, understanding these differences is crucial to maximising impact on this powerful ideas platform. Read more >>
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Aussie through and through

I began making silver jewellery about 43 years ago. Silver won me over from day one on a buffing machine. I still remember thinking, “Wow, I love this stuff!” Read more >>
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Your sales staff are talking too much!

In sales, there’s a time to talk and a time to listen. BRIAN JEFFREY says selling can improve when staff stop talking because when it comes to this industry, the gift of the gab isn’t so much a gift as it is a sin. Subscription required. Read more >>
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What jewellers can learn from Goldilocks

When it comes to selling, there are certain behaviours that can stop sales before the process even begins. DOUG FLEENER discusses how staff can ensure they’re establishing the right in-store environment to promote purchasing. Subscription required. Read more >>
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A positive experience should be a business-wide mandate

Forget the price and make buying positive

Forget price. Creating a positive buying experience is the best way to not only keep customers
coming back for more but also attract new business. SUE BARRETT reports. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Businesses should never underestimate the value of 'I don't'

Sell more by saying ‘I don’t’

Businesses love to say “I do”. In fact, the entire customer engagement market is built on that one statement; however, JEREMY MILLER believes jewellers should actually be saying the opposite if they want to succeed. Subscription required. Read more >>
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WorldSkills Australia 2016 Jewellery champion Jason Nesbitt

Competition crowns national jewellery champion

A recently graduated Perth jewellery apprentice has taken gold at a national skills competition. Read more >>
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Applications to the 2016 Jewellery Design and Manufacturing Championships are open

Returning jewellery fair contest takes centre stage

Applications are open for a jewellery manufacturing competition that promises to test a local jeweller’s ability to cope under pressure. Read more >>
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Halina Kaufman was presented with the award by John Lazarou, director of arts and fashion category sponsor The Coffee Club

Young jeweller awarded for industry dedication

A young manufacturing jeweller has been recognised for her industry achievements as well as her commitment to educating others within the trade. Read more >>
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