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Alrosa is conducting research into synthetic diamond detection

Alrosa joins battle against undisclosed synthetics

Russian diamond producer Alrosa is the latest organisation to join the fight against undisclosed synthetic diamonds – but one diamond expert suggests the industry might have it wrong. Read more »
A diamond bourse has banned synthetic stones from its premises

Diamond dealers say ‘no’ to synthetics

An international diamond bourse has banned synthetic diamonds from its premises, labelling it a “natural diamond zone”. Read more »
De Beers will offer a synthetic diamond screening service in India

Synthetic diamond service to boost consumer trust

De Beers Group has announced a new synthetic detection service as the diamond industry continues to bolster itself against the threat of undisclosed stones. Read more »
D-Secure is said to be able to batch test synthetic diamonds within seconds

Cost-effective synthetic diamond detector launched

A business specialising in diamond research and development has launched what it claims is the most accurate synthetic detection technology to date that can be used across the entire industry supply chain. Read more »
The GIA will produce synthetic diamonds for research purposes from 2016

GIA to start making lab-grown diamonds

The GIA will begin producing synthetic diamonds next year in order to gain a greater understanding of the properties of such stones and improve identification capabilities. Read more »
The new ISO standard provides clear definitions around the nomenclature that should be used when describing diamonds

New diamond standard to impact entire industry

A set of international guidelines designed to provide consumers with greater confidence when buying diamonds has gained support from a number of industry organisations. Read more »
Diamond manufacturers are now able to produce natural-shaped synthetic stones. Source: Taidiam

Synthetic diamond advances cause concern

An advancement in diamond manufacturing technology could reportedly make it more difficult to differentiate natural rough stones from those produced in a laboratory. Read more »
Disney Couture's Little Mermaid Ariel's Secret Pearl ring

New Products
Disney Couture

Disney Couture celebrates under the sea. Read more »
IGI Hong Kong claims it has certified the world's largest lab-created diamond

Synthetic diamond manufacturer supersizes stones

Synthetic diamond technology appears to be progressing quickly, with yet another lab-grown stone being labelled the “world’s largest”. Read more »
The Up Close event included a workshop on synthetic diamond detection

Jewellers get up-close with synthetic and treated diamonds

The Australian jewellery industry recently had the opportunity to examine a rare selection of synthetic diamonds as part of a workshop held in an effort to stay ahead of the controversy surrounding undisclosed lab-created stones. Read more »
The GIA is detecting an increasing amount of undisclosed synthetic diamonds

More synthetic diamonds being uncovered

The GIA has confirmed there has been a rise in the number of undisclosed synthetic diamonds being detected in diamond parcels. Read more »
The synthetic diamond facility will be used to develop type IIa colourless stones

World’s largest synthetic diamond facility unveiled

The synthetic diamond sector will seemingly continue to evolve with news that the “world’s largest” lab-created diamond facility and an accompanying research centre have opened in Singapore. Read more »


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