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De Beers' Snap Lake mine in Canada was said to be the company's first mine built outside of Africa

Another De Beers diamond mine for sale

De Beers Group is planning to sell another diamond mine just months after operations at the site were abandoned, according to reports. Read more >>
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Cheap vs frugal: do you know the difference?

The pressure to discount is a common conundrum for jewellers but what if price wars could be avoided simply by recognising the difference between a ‘cheap’ customer and a ‘frugal’ customer? Read more >>
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Understanding gemstone wear and tear

It may seem elementary but knowledge of correct gemstone treatment is essential for new retail staff. IAN DUN discusses types of gemstone damage and how to avoid them. Read more >>
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Lurker alert: turning online ‘lurkers’ into customers

Social media can annoyingly sometimes feel like a one-way conversation. KARYN GREENSTREET discusses how to encourage commentary from customers in order to boost engagement and ultimately sales. Read more >>
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Drops of drama: earrings are so hot right now

It has been a reliable jewellery category for years but GEORGIA WESTGARTH discovers why earrings of all styles and dimensions are currently experiencing a fashion moment. Read more >>
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Instyle Watches

Men’s watches: catch up on new trends and demands

The relationship between a man and his watch is as strong as ever. EMILY MOBBS investigates how retailers can appease current demands in this oh so competitive market. Read more >>
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Claw back sales with customer tracking

I had an ‘A-ha!’ moment earlier this year.  Read more >>
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Live demonstrations during the JDMC

2017 Survey

You are probably aware that two jewellery fairs are scheduled to take place in Sydney next year. Jeweller would like to survey retailers and jewellery buyers about this change in 2017 and we ask for your help by participating in this simple poll. Read more >>
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Re-stocking your jewellery store? Read this first

Purchasing stock is an ongoing task; however, the question most store owners don’t ask themselves is whether they are ready to buy. DAVID BROWN says it’s worth brushing up on buying basics. Read more >>
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Rapid Casting

Exposing the latest in jewellery 3D printing

Cheaper and faster than ever before, 3D printers are now within reach of the independent jeweller. EMILY MOBBS investigates the latest developments and how the industry might be affected by the proliferation of such technology. Subscription required. Read more >>
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How to deal with cheap and frugal customers

Do you know the difference between a ‘cheap’ customer and a ‘frugal’ customer? SUE BARRETT says jewellers can avoid price wars simply by recognising the distinction. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Easy as Gen X,Y,Z: how to market jewellery to all generations

No two consumers are alike; they come with different ages, genders, preferences and lifestyles. As such, MEGAN BREINIG states that a one-size-fits-all marketing approach is just not going to cut it. Subscription required. Read more >>
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