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Jewellery valuations – a hot topic and debate

How much is something worth? That’s a good question and an even better one when it comes to jewellery. It’s often hotly debated in the jewellery industry where many myths still exist. Read more >>
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Feature Stories
Mythbusters: truth behind jewellery valuation myths

Jewellery valuations can benefit jewellers and consumers alike; however, there’s still misunderstanding in the industry. MEGAN AUSTIN separates some common valuation myths from reality. Read more >>
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Top 10 jewellery repair pricing mistakes

The repairs department is an often overlooked but lucrative source of revenue, especially in difficult times. David Geller discusses how to price repairs properly. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Create a culture of pearls

Nicknamed "Queen of Gems", the pearl is at the centre of a fashion rethink. Jeff Salton explores how retailers can prepare for increased consumer demand. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Cleaning diamond rings for profit

If consumers complain about the charge for cleaning a diamond ring, retailers should explain the process in detail. As WINK JONES reports, a little education could be the difference between a sale and an unhappy customer. Subscription required. Read more >>
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The jewellery box is made from theft-resistant materials and has an embedded GPS tracking unit

Innovation meets jewellery box

Recent thefts of expensive jewellery items at Cannes Film Festival have only highlighted what most jewellers already knew – transferring items from a safe location to temporary sites is fraught with danger. Read more >>
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Really simple DIY jewellery storage ideas and inspiration.

Simple DIY jewellery storage ideas

When is a basic household item not a household item? When it’s used to store your personal jewellery. Use these ideas to display and store your jewellery at home, or as eye-catching points for visual merchandising in-store.  Read more >>
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1. Worn edges and corners on a brilliant cut diamond with a scratch across a main facet. Diamonds are not indestructible.

Jewellery Care
Caring for precious gems

Gems can exhibit many different types of damage, including that caused by accident or negligence. With a little knowledge, such damage can often be avoided. PROFESSOR HENRY A. HÄNNI discusses the how and why of gem care. Read more >>
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Jewellery Care
Caring for pearls and pearl jewellery

Pearls are the world's only organic gem and are composed of calcium carbonate. This means special attention is required to ensure pearls will stay beautiful and last a lifetime. Read more >>
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