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Monthly Overview
Cheap vs frugal: do you know the difference?

The pressure to discount is a common conundrum for jewellers but what if price wars could be avoided simply by recognising the difference between a ‘cheap’ customer and a ‘frugal’ customer? Read more »

Monthly Overview
Millennials vs baby boomers: who buys more jewellery?

The luxury retail industry is dominated by Millennials and Baby Boomers but which, if any, of these conflicting generations is more valuable to jewellers? Read more »

Monthly Overview
Hot streak: maximising silver jewellery sales

As silver continues its hot streak, jewellers arguably need to keep abreast of market trends in order to gain their fair share of the sales pie. The trouble is finding the time. Read more »
Garden of Diamonds

Monthly Overview
Uncovering the selling power of coloured diamonds

Coloured diamonds are hot property and proving valuable investments for not only end-consumers and suppliers but for retailers as well. Is it time your store took a walk on the coloured side? Read more »

Monthly Overview
Do you want more jewellery sales in 2017?

Christmas trading takes priority for jewellers at this time of year but why not also view the period as an opportunity to plan for increased profitability in 2017?  Read more »
Image courtesy: Atlas Pearls

Monthly Overview
Boost sales with 2017 pearl trends

The pearl has a long history but its modern-day iteration is far from old fashioned. Capitalise on current customer hype by embracing this season’s trends. Read more »

Monthly Overview
Exposed: 2017 retail trends every jeweller should know

A raft of developments are emerging to meet changing consumer expectations. The question is how will they impact retailers and possibly force them to rethink their business strategies? Read more »

Monthly Overview
Investigative report: The Australian jewellery landscape

In light of difficult trading conditions, Jeweller has conducted a qualitative study of Australian jewellers in order to gain a better understanding of the state of the industry. Read more »

Monthly Overview
Silver jewellery soldiers on, despite continuing pressures

Is there a dark cloud on the horizon for silver jewellery? Recently published data on supply and demand for the metal begs the question. Read more »
Image courtesy: Kezani Jewellery

Monthly Overview
Bridal affair: hottest jewellery trends revealed

Weddings may be timeless but trends play a major role in how they look and feel and retailers need to be abreast of these in order to edge out the competition. Read more »
Image courtesy: Fervor Montreal

Monthly Overview
Tips for navigating today’s branded jewellery market

Although the stream of jewellery brands entering the local market is relentless and often overwhelming, there are strategies to help ensure retailers successfully ride the brand wave. Read more »

Monthly Overview
Monthly Jeweller Overview 25th July

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