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Diamond Award

AWARD SPONSORED BY GAA - Marsh Advantage Insurance is proud to be associated with the 2014 JAA Australasian Jewellery Awards once again. As a leading supplier of jewellers block insurance, we value our partnership with the JAA and offer unique benefits to all members.


The entrants

Designer: Nicholas Vrettas
Item: Ring
Name of piece: Bee-Dazzled
Description of piece: Hand crafted flower design ring with rotating bee worn on the knuckle part of the finger with moveable band.
Motivation: A love of gardening and nature, and our connection to plant and bee life inspired me to conceptualise this wearable piece of art.




Designer: Nicholas Theochari
Item: Ring
Name of piece: Forward
Description of piece: Platinum tension set 2.30-carat round brilliant diamond suspended in a high polished, mirror finished ring, with emery detail.
Motivation: I wanted to convey change, progression and moving forward.





Designer: Ben Preston-Black
Item: Ring
Name of piece: Falling Water
Description of piece: A multi-layered and architectural piece that offers interesting views from all angles. A maze that showcases many different cuts in white and champagne coloured diamonds. The layers of diamonds and metal wrap and flow around the finger almost meeting in the centre.
Motivation: To make a two-tone, multi-cut, coloured diamond ring that displays many types of setting and hand making techniques. Many steps in the correct order were followed from start to finish to achieve the result. Considering, order of setting and assembling, gold and PD melting points and multiple surface finishes.



The award categories

1st & 2nd year apprentice/student

3rd & 4th year apprentice/student

Precious Metal Award

Pearl Award

Coloured Gemstone Award

Diamond Award


Men's Accessories & Jewellery

Bridal Award

Reader's Choice Award


HRA Group

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