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Reader’s Choice Award

AWARD SPONSORED BY BRIDE TO BE - As the highest read wedding magazine in Australia, Bride To Be is every bride’s most trusted source of inspiration and information. We showcase the latest wedding trends, and inspire her with styling ideas, the hottest bridal fashion, jewellery, beauty, and stunning real-life weddings.


Bride To Be is proud to support and celebrate Australia and New Zealand’s most exciting jewellery designers and retailers.


The entrants

Designer: Benjamin Hart
Item: Pendant
Name of piece: Pursuit of Happiness
Description of piece: It is a stylised image of a lotus flower separated into four individual panels featuring white gold and yellow gold. The mechanics enable it to rotate vertically and horizontally, allowing the wearer to achieve multiple looks from one pendant.
Motivation: I was inspired by Will Smith’s character in ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ and how a rubik’s cube started his journey to success. I felt the symbol of the lotus flower is a perfect representation of the movie’s title.


Designer: Katie Law
Item: Necklace
Name of piece: SIA
Description of piece: Silver mesh seed pod necklace with sapphires and a leaf chain.
Motivation: I wanted to test the skills that I have acquired in the past 18 months in a way that displayed the random symmetry found in nature.






Designer: Adriana Daleris
Item: Bridal Head Piece
Name of piece: Mediterranean Goddess
Description of piece: Bridal Head Piece
Motivation: Bridal wear, bridal bloggers - wedded wonderland. Egyptian head wear.






Designer: Lynaire Kibblewhite
Item: Necklace
Name of piece: The glory of nature
Description of piece: An ‘A’ symmetrical necklace. One side is leaves supported on a stem with a small tree frog. This adjoins 13, 5.5 mm pearls enclosed in wire circles.
Motivation: South sea pearls are my favourite gem. I wanted to illustrate the uniqueness of pearls with that of new life. I have a fondness for the tree frog. Although her eggs appear the same, they are all unique.





Designer: Claire Townsend
Item: Ring
Name of piece: Enhance
Description of piece: Two part companion ring, designed to be worn alone or together.
Motivation: I was given this beautiful tourmaline, and wanted to have the option of wearing it alone, or with a larger disc to enhance the colour and size. The wearer has the secret that its two rings in one.





Designer: Harry Rose
Item: Earrings
Name of piece: Take a Chance
Description of piece: One pair of 18-carat white gold drop earrings, fully articulated with two 10 mm briolette blue topaz cubes suspended from a trilliant cut diamond with diamond set shepherd hook.
Motivation: I wanted to get the most out of the topaz dice and get as much movement as possible so that they are always catching the eye.





Designer: Tayron Scagnetti
Item: Ring
Name of piece: Lips
Description of piece: 18-carat white gold ring featuring cushion shape 6.11-carat tanzanite and two laser cut diamonds.
Motivation: I wanted to make a claw setting and side profile unique. I was inspired by the shape of lips.





Designer: Nicholas Theochari
Item: Ring
Name of piece: Forward
Description of piece: Platinum tension set 2.30-carat round brilliant diamond suspended in a high polished, mirror finished ring, with emery detail.
Motivation: I wanted to convey change, progression and moving forward.





Designer: Ok Jin Jang
Item: Ring
Name of piece: Buddy Buddy
Description of piece: Together sometimes separate.
Motivation: Bearing





Designer: Sam Farmer
Item: Cuff Links
Name of piece: Night Tiger Cuff Links
Description of piece: Round-faced, 18-carat yellow gold and diamond cuff link set, featuring a framed tiger stripe pierced overlay of polished and matte.
Motivation: The design conveys the concept of an elegant, successful man out on the night prowl.






Designer: Michelle Kennedy
Item: Bridal cuff and earrings
Name of piece: Blossom and Blue
Description of piece: Bridal cuff representing something new and something blue, with matching studs.
Motivation: My fascination for flowers, love of jewellery and enjoyment of weddings.





Designer: Jarrad McErlain
Item: Hand crafted bouquet vessel
Name of piece: Fleur Navire (Flower Vessel)
Description of piece: Hand crafted bouquet vessel.
Motivation: I wanted to create something for a traditional wedding, but perhaps not for the traditional bride. I did not want to create something over stated, rather a piece that accented the beauty of the bride!






The award categories

1st & 2nd year apprentice/student

3rd & 4th year apprentice/student

Precious Metal Award

Pearl Award

Coloured Gemstone Award

Diamond Award


Men's Accessories & Jewellery

Bridal Award

Reader's Choice Award


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