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Craftsmanship & Design Award: 3rd & 4th Year Apprentice/Student

AWARD SPONSORED BY PANDORA - Pandora designs, manufactures and markets high-quality jewellery products, providing women across the world with a universe of beautiful jewellery options at affordable prices. Propelled by a concept that allows women to combine 14-carat gold and solid sterling silver jewellery pieces to suit their personal style, the PANDORA brand has grown to be well known and loved.

Pandora is proud to support and celebrate Australia and New Zealand’s most exciting jewellery designers and retailers.


The entrants

Designer: Erika Watson
Item: Ring
Name of piece: Rise of Byzantium
Description of piece: Large handmade pave dome dress ring.
Motivation: To design and make a large dome pave dress ring.








Designer: Samantha Kelly
Item: Masquerade mask
Name of piece: Mystique
Description of piece: Masquerade mask with interchangeable feathers to match your mood or outfit. Can also be worn without feathers.
Motivation: My fascination with wirework/filigree, and pushing the boundaries on the limitations of what can be considered as a piece of jewellery.





Designer: Jason Nesbitt
Item: Ring
Name of piece: The Golden Galleon
Description of piece: A gold and silver pirate ship resting on a 9-carat white gold sea like band.
Motivation: I was having lunch at the Fremantle Harbour and I saw a few ships sailing in and out of the harbour, and it inspired me to replicate them in a piece of jewellery.





The award categories

1st & 2nd year apprentice/student

3rd & 4th year apprentice/student

Precious Metal Award

Pearl Award

Coloured Gemstone Award

Diamond Award


Men's Accessories & Jewellery

Bridal Award

Reader's Choice Award


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