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Shining a light on Casting

It’s often forgotten that all jewellers were once manufacturers, skilled artisans. These days the jewellery industry is increasingly divided into stores that are simply resellers of someone else’s products and those that can still provide handcrafted pieces.

Consumers seem to have a renewed appreciation for bespoke jewellery which is good news because, in this mass-produced world, custom made designs allow jewellers to differentiate themselves from competitors. This special report analyses the pivotal role casting suppliers are playing in the process.


Part 1: Raising the bar for Aussie casting

The Australian casting industry is evolving at rapid pace due to significant investments from local suppliers. COLEBY NICHOLSON reports on exciting new developments for manufacturing jewellers.

Part 2: Casting for new customers

Custom-made jewellery seems to be back in a big way. COLEBY NICHOLSON investigates some of the main drivers behind a trend that presents ideal opportunities for independent jewellers and casting suppliers alike.



Read how Australia’s leading casting suppliers are developing new services

Larry Sher, Chemgold


Andrew Cochineas, Palloys


Peter Beck, Peter W beck


craig long, pure casting

Informa Markets

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