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Thomas Sabo unveiled its new Glam & Soul Diamonds line at the launch event
Thomas Sabo unveiled its new Glam & Soul Diamonds line at the launch event

Thomas Sabo jewellery receives diamond reinvention

Thomas Sabo has unveiled its latest jewellery collections, including a range comprising existing designs that have been given a diamond 'upgrade' for the first time in the brand’s history.

The new Glam & Soul Diamonds line, part of the brand’s autumn/winter 2016 season collections, was launched at an event in Sydney earlier this month.

Phil Edwards, managing director of local distributor Duraflex Group Australia, presented the jewellery to members of the media, along with local celebrities including models Erin Holland and Kyly Clarke and model and television host Kate Peck.

Also in attendance was Thomas Sabo’s newly appointed head of PR and communications for the Asia-Pacific region, Janice Leung, who is based in Hong Kong.

“Australia is a key market and hence Janice flew in to present the new collections to consumer media on behalf of Thomas Sabo international,” Edwards explained.

The Glam & Soul Diamonds line features existing pieces, such as filigree rings, necklaces, bracelets and ear studs, that have been given a diamond ‘upgrade’ along with new designs.

Items will retail at a higher price point than the original pieces; for instance, an existing eternity ring with cubic zirconia has a recommended price of $149 whereas one of the new diamond pieces of a similar design will retail for a suggested price of $289.

New offering
Phil Edwards, Duraflex Group Australia managing director
Phil Edwards, Duraflex Group Australia managing director

Edwards said the new range was at a higher price point but still within the “affordable luxury segment”.

“We expect the new Glam & Soul diamonds range to do very well in our market,” he said. “We have already received excellent feedback from the press which is always a good indicator on what will sell through.”

Edwards added: “We anticipate the new range will indeed help retailers attract new customers to the brand with an appreciation for genuine diamond jewellery but also provide a new product offering for existing customers.” 

Other ranges unveiled at the event included: Triangle Diamond, characterised in a media statement as “urban coolness”; Nile Treasures, which features Egyptian protective symbolism with abstracted designs; and Prana, described as incorporating colourful far-eastern art with grandiose stone embellishments.

New women’s and men’s watch designs from the Spirit range, said to comprise complex colour concepts on Milanese stainless steel bracelets, were also shown for the first time.

Thomas Sabo released a line called Sweet Diamonds in 2012, which marked the first and only other time it has incorporated diamonds into its products.

Retailers will be able to view the latest ranges during the Thomas Sabo roadshow-style Collection Days, which will be held from 1 to 4 August in Sydney, 8 August in Melbourne and 10 August in Perth.

The new season collections will also be on display at the International Jewellery Fair next month and will be available to retail stockists in mid-August, 2016.

Founded in Germany in 1984, Thomas Sabo currently has six brand-only stores and 250 retail stockists in Australia. Globally, the brand has approximately 2,800 ‘trade partners’.


The event

(L–R) Kyly Clarke, Kate Peck, Phil Edwards and Erin Holland
(L–R) Kyly Clarke, Kate Peck, Phil Edwards and Erin Holland

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