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The Australian Jewellery Fair will include security-related presentations this year
The Australian Jewellery Fair will include security-related presentations this year

Security confronted at Brisbane jewellery fair

The organiser of the upcoming Australian Jewellery Fair in Brisbane has announced plans to provide security-related seminars to help combat jewellery store robberies.

Fair Events managing director Gary Fitz-Roy said the sessions would include presentations from a Queensland Organised Crime Investigation Unit police officer and a senior security consultant from Security Consulting Group.

"With the spate of jewellery robberies over the past few months, we have taken the opportunity to invite security experts as well as police to the fair,” Fitz-Roy explained.

Gary Fitz-Roy, Fair Events managing director
Gary Fitz-Roy, Fair Events managing director

“Presenters will provide information on the latest news and technology available to safeguard products, premises and people. They will also provide some tips on what to do and what not to do,” he added.

Senior security consultant Mark Morrow from Security Consulting Group will present at midday on Sunday 26 February and Monday 27 February.

Morrow will discuss technical security measures and the benefits of seeking specialist security advice, as well as the importance of jewellers conducting regular security reviews.

“Jewellery store robberies are all too common and can have a significant impact on the lives of robbery victims,” Morrow stated.

“Jewellery retailers should consider a holistic approach to security to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime, balancing physical and technical security measures with best-practice policies and procedures.”

QLD police

Detective senior sergeant Jason Hindmarsh is scheduled to present at 2:00pm on Sunday, where he will provide a summary of current crime trends in Queensland, as well as basic counter-surveillance and physical security issues for retailers.

While Hindmarsh emphasised that Queensland had not experienced a dramatic increase in organised armed robbery offences, he said soft target armed robberies continued to be prevalent in the state and throughout Australia.

Mark Morrow, Security Consulting Group senior security consultant
Mark Morrow, Security Consulting Group senior security consultant

“Queensland has previously experienced crime trends that were initially prevalent interstate, [but] at this time Queensland crime rates are not reflective of those being experienced in Victoria,” Hindmarsh explained.

“The greatest danger to an industry such as the jewellery industry is to be complacent,” he added.

As previously reported by Jeweller, there has been a recent increase in jewellery store attacks across Melbourne jewellery stores. There were at least three incidents reported in January 2017 alone, which included armed robberies in Toorak, Canterbury and Elsternwick.

The security presentations will take place on the show floor and visitors are not required to register to attend. Each information session will run for about 35 minutes and also include time for questions.

The Australian Jewellery Fair will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from 26 February to 27 February.

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