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The thieves were armed with a gun, a machete and a hammer. Source: Victoria Police
The thieves were armed with a gun, a machete and a hammer. Source: Victoria Police

Jewellery manager faces robbers head-on

A Melbourne jewellery store has received significant media attention after its manager confronted three thieves armed with a gun, a machete and a hammer during a robbery.

Despite the staff member’s actions, the robbers made off with diamond and coloured gemstone jewellery from IMP Jewellery located in Toorak, Melbourne.

IMP Jewellery co-owner Tony Fialides told Jeweller the value of the items stolen and the cost of damages had not been ascertained; however, he estimated it could be between $150,000 and $200,000.

Victoria Police released images and CCTV footage showing what is believed to be three men wearing face coverings follow a woman inside the store at around 10.40am on 25 October.

One of the men pointed a gun at a female staff member and motioned her towards a back area of the store.

The other two men proceeded to smash glass display cabinets before grabbing jewellery.

The manager then emerged pointing and appearing to shout at the thieves who eventually exited the building.

Fialides said the footage of his manager “went everywhere” and had attracted a lot of media attention.

“I just think you have got to take every precaution you can,” he added. “The police were able to get very graphic pictures from our CCTV.”

IMP Jewellery has been operating for 42 years and was previously targeted by robbers during an armed hold-up about 15 years ago, Fialides said.

According to a Victoria Police statement, the trio left on foot before getting into a silver Hyundai on Wallace Avenue in Toorak. No one was believed to have been injured during the incident.

Police issued an appeal for public assistance. At the time of publication, a Victoria Police spokesperson said the matter was still under investigation.


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