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New ‘buy your own diamond’ campaign for women

The US-based Diamond Producers Association (DPA) launched the next phase of its flagship ‘Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond’ campaign on Oscars night, February 24.

Titled ‘For Me, From Me’, the strategy is targeted at the natural diamond industry’s strongest growth market, women’s self-purchase. In the US, this sector accounts for a third of all diamond jewellery sales and is worth US$43 billion.

Key insights included that women – particularly Millennials, who account for a third of all self-purchasers – love not only the beauty of diamonds, but also consider them to be an investment, a confidence booster, and see them as something they can pass down to future generations. The campaign will run during the Northern Hemisphere summer, as women enjoy buying jewellery while on holiday or relaxing.

“Previous ‘Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond’ campaigns established diamonds as the ultimate symbol of realness and authenticity in love and in life,” said Kristina Buckley Kayel, the DPA’s managing director of North America, in a press release. “Our latest campaign celebrates the distinct pride and joy women feel in purchasing a diamond for themselves.”

For retailers, the DPA provides assets including print and digital creative, social media content, video, stills and customisable in-store materials, as well as visual merchandising support and POS materials to support the ‘For Me, From Me’ push.


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