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My Store: Filigree Fine Jewels

Filigree Fine Jewels' 17th Century-inspired wallpaper enraptures customers.


STORe: Filigree Fine Jewels

Country: Christchurch, New Zealand

Name: Donna Hughes

Position: Design consultant and visual merchandiser

When was the renovated space completed?


Who is the target market?

Our target market is people who are looking for something individual, or bespoke, in design with high quality in the manufacturing and finish.

Some people seek us out specifically for a custom design, while others come in totally unaware that custom design is what they were looking for until they see it.

The store design is very much an extension of Filigree founder and lead designer Vanessa Stowers’ personal design aesthetic, her love of colour, detailed and thoughtful design, and a sense of timelessness defined by quality and style.

Which features encourage sales?

Our service is very personal and very much about building a relationship with our customers, and the store reflects this with a sense of warmth and intimacy.

We curate the displays carefully to show our jewellery at its best, alongside pieces that work within a story.

It is important to us that customers feel they can touch and try on the jewellery as this is often where we find they really notice the outstanding handmade quality of our jewellery.

What is the store design’s ‘wow factor’?

Customers will first often comment on our wallpaper, as it is such a visual statement.

Vanessa chose Zoffany’s ‘Verdure’ wallpaper print, with its lush landscape and detail inspired by a 17th Century Aubusson tapestry from France.

This, alongside an eclectic mix of antiques and display cases, gives Filigree its unique identity. We love working in the showroom and being surrounded by beautiful jewellery and objects, and our customers find it inspiring too!












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