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Introducing Two minutes with Jimmy & Jeweller

One of the biggest challenges for retailers today is finding new ways to stand out from the crowd. Your competitor is no longer the 'other store down the street' – it’s just as likely to be someone half way around the world, courtesy of the internet.

Jewellers need to offer a point of difference, which is not always easy. Forget customer satisfaction; in this digital age you must master the art of Customer Delightment.

Enter “Two minutes with Jimmy & Jeweller”, a new video training initiative to help you become more successful by becoming more resourceful.

Presented in conjunction with Jimmy DeGroot, the Jewelry Marketing Guy, our FREE fortnightly video training series covers some of the best jewellery retail advice to help train staff, boost sales, attract new customers and, more importantly, better communicate with current customers.

Every two weeks, Two minutes with Jimmy & Jeweller will help you and your staff get more passionate about your business with a host of advice and selling tips. 

Our first episode of Two minutes with Jimmy & Jeweller deals with that age-old problem, how to get rid of old stock!

Over the coming weeks we will then delve into “Counter Etiquette” – the do’s and don’ts of dealing with customers the moment they enter your store. Your sales staff can live or die on those first few seconds greeting a customer.

Counter Etiquette is so important that we have divided the topic into three episodes.

If you are looking for ways to increase your bottom-line and reinvigorate your store, then two minutes is all it will take!

And better yet, it’s FREE.


James "Jimmy" DeGroot, The Jewellery Marketing Guy
James "Jimmy" DeGroot, The Jewellery Marketing Guy

Jimmy DeGroot managed a US jewellery store for more than a decade where he tripled sales with almost no staff turnover. Jimmy’s passion is to share his sales and marketing techniques. He has now taken his knowledge worldwide by offering instore consulting and training with a series of “weekly store meeting” videos tailored for your entire team.

Jimmy’s sales and management techniques are infectious which is why Jeweller magazine approached him to create a series of training videos specifically for Australian and New Zealand jewellery retailers.

Our short “Two minute with Jimmy & Jeweller” video series is exclusive to Jeweller readers and you can check out Jimmy's more comprehensive store training videos by clicking here.

If you like what you see, you can get one-month FREE access to his entire website and store training videos when you subscribe to Jeweller.

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