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Showcase Jewellers | 2020 Buying Groups Report

» What are the prerequisites for joining?

We look for integrity as an important quality in a new member. Additionally, operating a jewellery business with high standards in presentation and excellent customer service is always preferred. 

» What are the benefits of joining?

There are no management fees and no set-up fee or security deposit of any kind – you simply join Showcase, a member-owned organisation, while retaining your own name and brand. 

Supplier discounts are returned directly to our members and not kept by the group to fund other ‘free’ benefits.

Showcase offers unbeatable insurance and EFTPOS rates and free Australian Retailers Association (ARA) membership, and the equivalent resource for our New Zealand members.

Another major benefit is access to diamond brands, including exclusive rights to certified Argyle white diamonds and Swarovski lab-grown diamonds.

Showcase also offers free website development using a customisable, mobile ready e-commerce platform. There is also free integration with the Retail Edge POS system.

Other benefits include in-house product photography, videos and free image libraries, and world-class e-learning complete with videos, certified human resources courses and templates, and an on-line toolbox for all your marketing and promotional needs.

Finally, we are the only buying group to offer fully franked dividends and returns on trading loans for our members.

» What unique benefits are offered?

JIMACO [Showcase Jewellers] is a member-owned buying group that operates exclusively for independent jewellery retailers. All profits go back to our members – we exist purely for them to thrive. 

» What are your major achievements over the past two years?

"[Showcase Jewellers] is a member-owned buying group that operates exclusively for independent jewellery retailers. All profits go back to our members – we exist purely for them to thrive"
Carson Webb, Showcase Jewellers

Showcase is the first group to create an Australian diamond program through an exclusive partnership with Rio Tinto, which operates the Argyle Mine.

Our Dreamtime brand, which features Argyle diamonds, is a wonderful success and continues to grow. We also continue to enjoy success with our diamond brand Passion8 and have negotiated exclusive rights to Swarovski Created Diamonds, including a creative license.

We had some of our best financial results over the 2019 financial year, and members received a fully franked dividend as a result.

The ongoing rollout of our B2B portals and member websites has had fabulous results, and we are launching a fully customisable catalogue facility.

Additionally, our Journeys of the Heart catalogue campaign provided $500,000 worth of stock and an amazing top-quality catalogue to the jeweller for a two-week period, free, which had incredible results for retailers.

» Has your traditional marketing changed in the past two years?

Traditional media – while a small portion of our offering – still plays an important role, especially in regional areas. We also present every campaign in a full digital package, making it easy to apply across most channels. Everything we do is also mobile device friendly.

» How have you improved your B2C and social media marketing strategy? 

As a group, we have moved away from B2C. Instead, we are concentrating on our members integrating Retail Edge with their own POS as it covers all the bases for them.

» How have you improved your B2B and internal technology?

We are well equipped in e-commerce, with an internationally linked B2B portal. Our platform covers everything from access to diamonds and exclusive overseas product as well as training and product information. We also provide policy manuals and staff induction material, customised to suit individual retailers. We have a large Facebook Group that is very active and can offer all types of advice.

» What other promotional support do you offer members?

Showcase has an exclusive member offer of free local and overseas island holidays for their customers, instead of a discount. The cost is negligible, with no tricks or conditions. This strategy is game changer for many members.

» How do you support local jewellery manufacturers?

Our manufacturing partners are very important; we removed our internal stock supply and shifted to local manufacturers and suppliers instead. The results speak for themselves, with 15 of our top 20 suppliers increasing sales over the previous year’s result. In 2020 we are launching our ‘Limited Edition’ competition, where the winning jeweller can have his or her design manufactured in small volumes.

» What is the cost of membership?

Depending on how you want to structure your business, it can be as low as 1.5 per cent of your purchases, with maximum supplier discounts going to our members. There is no start-up fee. At Showcase you become far more than just a member; you have part-ownership of the group. Ask yourself, where do the profits go in other groups? Our members receive those benefits directly.

» How have you improved your training and education over the past two years?

Showcase has one of the best online training and product knowledge resources available. We have an agreement with the international diamond trading platform RapNet to utilise its courses, and offer members the training resources of the ARA. We also have great relations with highly experienced US training partners.

Showcase Australia (JIMACO)



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2020 Buying Groups Report: strength in numbers
By Coleby Nicholson


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