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Leading Edge Jewellers | 2020 Buying Groups Report

» What are the prerequisites for joining?

Our application process remains quite simple and consists of standard trade checks and proof of assets.

We look to partner with retailers who are dedicated to building a successful fine jewellery business and eager to be part of a like-minded community.

As supporters of family-driven values, honest and ethical trading have always been fundamental requirements.  

» What are the benefits of joining?

As part of Australia’s largest buying group, with more than 720 independent retailers across eight industries, our members are part of a community of retail specialists.

Membership benefits include supplier discounts with attractive, cost-effective agreements, and central billing and credit featuring simple online invoicing.

We also offer opt-in digital and print marketing programs focused on delivering sales, and access to a market-leading e-commerce website platform.

Non-trade benefits such as saving thousands of dollars annually on insurance, freight, EFTPOS merchant rates and more are major benefits that our members enjoy.

Members also have access to our jewellery retail coaching, inclusive of stock ranging and management, merchandising, profit-and-loss analysis and financial planning, management and staff training, as well as the all-important store design.  

» What unique benefits are offered?

"As part of Australia’s largest buying group, with more than 720 independent retailers across eight industries, our members are part of a community of retail specialists"
Charlie Davey, Leading Edge Group Jewellers

Our advantage lies in the practical application of our extensive retail and marketing knowledge. By providing expert coaching and retail services, we enable our family of members to grow in a challenging environment, ensuring stores are designed and merchandised for optimum return.

We offer a digital presence that increases both online and in-store sales, along with marketing programs that provide tangible sales results. Our group’s size allows our members to cross-promote into other supported merchandise categories as well as participate in company-wide promotions rather than just their dedicated category, such as jewellery.  

» What are your major achievements over the past two years?

We have continued to invest heavily in our digital technology and platform and are proud to offer members the industry’s most comprehensive digital and traditional marketing support package, including individualised web marketing via their store’s personalised website.

» Has your traditional marketing changed in the past two years?

Yes. Traditionally our marketing programs focused on print campaigns and while we still provide traditional catalogues opportunities for members, we also offer many digital promotions and social-media assets.

» How have you improved your B2C and social media marketing strategy? 

We now offer our members opt-in opportunities each month focusing on a themed jewellery collection. In addition, we support a significant number of members in the design, content management and construction of personalised websites for their individual stores.

» How have you improved your B2B and internal technology?

Our B2B website is the cornerstone of our campaign distribution. We are currently developing and investing heavily in a ground-breaking digital platform which is scheduled for release this financial year.

» What other promotional support do you offer members?

In a fast-moving marketplace, our members value currency and expertise very highly. That’s why it’s important to offer our members personalised marketing services, including but not limited to, social media advertising and collateral for special events.

We also create bespoke designs for our exclusive brands. More importantly, we are currently bringing on board experts dedicated to marketing research and social media.

» How do you support local jewellery manufacturers?

Our mandate is all about supporting family-oriented businesses and their communities. We employ a ‘hands on’ approach with our supply partners by tailoring offers specific to our members.

Supplier partners have the opportunity to partake in digital marketing campaigns which we market to our members. We use our conferences to work with industry professionals and share new opportunities. We also sponsor and promote many industry awards and events.

» What is the cost of membership?

To be part of one of Australia’s premier retail buying groups, it’s as simple as this: an $89 per month membership fee with no joining fees, no exit fees, and no lock-in contracts.

» How have you improved your training and education over the past two years?

The Friedman Group – a leading retail consulting and sales training firm – is an ongoing part of our dedicated offering to support our members, helping their teams to strive for sales goals and outstanding customer service.

We also offer educational webinars twice a month that focus on business needs and information to help our members put plans into action.

Our conferences are also designed with training and education in mind, with our guest speakers and trainers being the best in the field of their expertise – from understanding how to drive social media and marketing campaigns to business growth and analysis.

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2020 Buying Groups Report: strength in numbers
By Coleby Nicholson


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