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Evotech Pacific

Feature Stories
2018 CAD/CAM Report: Modern-day Magic

As technology improves and becomes more accessible, CAD/CAM heads closer to becoming part of every jeweller’s toolbox. ALEX EUGENE reports. Read more »

True Colours: The 2018 Coloured Diamond Report

With consumers increasingly savvy about white diamonds, coloured diamonds continue to offer retailers a better margin. ALEX EUGENE reports on the best way to take advantage of these highly-prized stones. Read more »
Thomas Sabo

Feature Stories
Get lucky! Charm trends for 2018

They may be small but they’re not to be ignored. ALEX EUGENE discovers why charms are so much more than a passing fad. Read more »

Australian Buying Group Report 2018

Retail buying groups began as a way for different businesses to band together to source better prices and products as a collective. It was also was a way to gain a competitive edge over your rival however, in today’s digital age your ‘local competitor’ is just as likely to be overseas. Read more »

Feature Stories
Why buying groups are still important

The challenges for bricks–and–mortar retailers are showing no signs of abating. ALEX EUGENE reports on why it’s still a smart move for retailers to belong to a buying group. Read more »

Top Jewellery Trends
Trends of 2018: Earrings

When it comes to earrings this season, it’s simple: the bigger, the better. ALEX EUGENE reports. Read more »
This year, digital currencies will be launched at the International Diamond Week in Israel (IDWI).

Israeli trade show to launch diamond digital currencies

The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) will unveil several ‘groundbreaking’ initiatives expected to impact the international diamond industry at its 7th annual trade show in February. Read more »

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Thursday, 17 October, 2019 09:14am
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