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ADR Studio rendered its own impression of an iWatch, which has circulated the web.

iWatch out for the next game-changer

Rumours are rife about Apple launching an iWatch and it wouldn’t be the first time a computer company entered the watch market; Microsoft tried and failed. Coleby Nicholson asks, would an Apple iWatch be a game-changer? Read more »
<em>Jeweller</em> looks at the <em>Hits & Misses</em> of the jewellery industry in 2012

Jeweller’s Hits & Misses 2012

After a difficult year, COLEBY NICHOLSON reviews the past 12 months with his annual list of the jewellery industry’s highs and lows.  Read more »
Jewellery businesses have come forward to expose other eBay sellers.

Oh eBay, you've done it again!

Following our recent report about potential illegal activity by jewellery sellers on eBay other jewellery businesses have come forward to expose some of the practices used by eBay sellers.
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Innovative new setting that allows the brand to fill a space in the market for affordable diamond jewellery.

Affordable diamond engagement rings launched

Australian jewellery supplier Global Jewellery Concepts has launched a new range of affordable “solitaire” engagement rings with a price point below $1,000.
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A Middle Bronze Age woman's skeleton excavated in a block. Image Credit: Daily Mail/Andrea Horentrup

Bronze Age women loved jewellery

A female skeleton around 3,500 years old has been found wearing a “designer” headband comprising tiny bronze spirals. Another evidence showing women have always loved jewellery!
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Ice-Watch and Pantone's collaboration, featuring 2013 Colour of the Year, Emerald.

Ice-Watch and Pantone in colourful collaboration

Two brands known globally for their connection with colour – Ice-Watch and Pantone – have joined forces to brighten jewellers’ new year’s sales opportunities. Read more »
Wallace Bishop Jewellers has undergone digital renovations to stay ahead of its game.

Jeweller invites customers into digital age

Jewellery chain Wallace Bishop has narrowed a gap that some retailers believe exists between traditional bricks and mortar stores and the digital age. Read more »
Really simple DIY jewellery storage ideas and inspiration.

Simple DIY jewellery storage ideas

When is a basic household item not a household item? When it’s used to store your personal jewellery. Use these ideas to display and store your jewellery at home, or as eye-catching points for visual merchandising in-store.  Read more »
Phoebe Tonkin from 'The Vampire Diaries' showcases Logan's designs in a new campaign.

Vampire star pairs with Aussie jeweller

An Australian jewellery designer has partnered with a local star of hit US television series The Vampire Diaries to promote its latest range. Read more »
Naomie Harris at the Skyfall premier wearing Jordan Askill's swallow necklace.

UK’s Topshop chooses Australian jeweller

Fresh from the satisfaction of having a Bond girl wear one of his neckpieces to the premier of the latest 007 flick, Skyfall, one Australian jeweller is capitalising on his new-found global exposure Read more »
eBay has controversially banned users in the past. An Australian jeweller is at the centre of a recent ban.

eBay bans Australian jeweller

An Australian jeweller has had his personal eBay account snuffed out by the global online marketplace for notifying it about possible illegal activity by eBay sellers. Read more »
Fraudulent jewellery websites used for scamming have been exposed and shut down.

Scam jewellery websites shut down

More than 100 fraudulent websites were recently closed by US authorities, and it appears that a number of shonky Australian websites selling fake jewellery and watches have also vanished.  Read more »

Tips on Selling
Exceed customer expectation to succeed

Creating a lasting, positive customer experience is all about exceeding customer expectations every time, according to US sales trainer and author Stu Schlackman. Subscription required. Read more »
Margaret Fay

Soapbox & Opinions
Tackling the tricky customer

After a lifetime in jewellery retail, Margaret Fay of Fay’s Jewellers in Davenport shares some industry knowledge about the little things that make a retailer’s day run smoothly. Read more »
Jeweller's Pinterest account:

Feature Stories
Pinterest social media eye-candy

Billed as the fastest-ever growing social media platform, Pinterest has some retailers attributing sales to its popularity. Jeff Salton reports.  Subscription required. Read more »

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