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While providing engaging content will help to increase interest in a business, don’t forget about generating potential sales leads

Win customers with your business blog

Text, images, links to third-party content and reader interaction – Emily Mobbs discovers blogs offer the whole package. Don’t lose out on potential sales by not having a blogging strategy or, for that matter, a blog at all. Read more »
Salespeople not worried about their salary can sell more

Tips on Selling
Pay salespeople more so they can sell

If your salespeople are constantly worrying about how much will be in their next pay packet, how can they be focused on selling and making your business more profitable, asks Sue Barrett. Subscription required. Read more »
Tell a story to help sell more products

Tips on Selling
Stop boring your customers

When planning a public relations campaign, consider quality not quantity to impress audiences. Try telling a story or offering a solution to a problem instead of asking for a sale, Karen Morris says. Subscription required. Read more »
Instagram is more about sharing a business’s personality through “personal” or “behind-the-scenes” images.

Tips on Selling
Instagram can turn happy snaps into sales

Instagram is proving a useful online photo-sharing tool for jewellery businesses looking to create customer interest. Emily Mobbs looks at the benefits of getting behind – and in front – of the lens.  Read more »
Pass on "hard to close" customers to another sales staff member

Tips on Selling
How to incentivise staff with a $5 bonus

If your staff are finding it difficult to close sales, try a small monetary incentive to tag-team on the sales floor. David Geller says it won't be long before the business starts seeing results. Subscription required. Read more »
Price-based marketing assumes too much

It's the return of the selling era

Don't complain about a lack of customer loyalty, says Barry Urqhart. It is a reflection of communications that lack emotion, positioning, brand imaging and consumer education. Subscription required. Read more »


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