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Monthly Overview
Tips for navigating today’s branded jewellery market

Although the stream of jewellery brands entering the local market is relentless and often overwhelming, there are strategies to help ensure retailers successfully ride the brand wave. Read more »

Monthly Overview
Turn your pesky jewellery returns into rewards

Product returns are never fun for retailers so wouldn’t it be nice to learn how capitalise upon them or even avoid returns from happening in the first place? Read more »

10 tips for motivating jewellery staff

The key to success for any business is the right staff; however, difficult trading conditions could call for an employee review. Instead of trying to motivate people, the key is to inspire the motivated and remove the unmotivated. Read more »

Feature Stories
The jewellery revolution is here

Attention all jewellery industry members: times are changing and technology can no longer be ignored. Is it time you got on board the CAD/CAM revolution? Read more »

Battle of the jewellery brands

Branded jewellery is now an entrenched category that comprises so many players that the question for retailers is not whether to stock brands but which brands to stock. Read more »


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