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The interactive Facebook Pandora application
The interactive Facebook Pandora application

Pandora ramps up social media

Pandora has launched new social media initiatives to offer fans of the global charm brand a more interactive experience.
The brand’s first iPhone application will allow consumers to share their favourite Pandora pieces through Facebook and email, as well as add it to their personalised Pandora wish-list online.

The Danish company has also created a bracelet building Facebook application, dubbed Pandora Bracelet Designer, which offers the company’s Facebook fans the opportunity to select charms from its Moments collection to create their own individualised charm bracelets.

The application allows users to share their bracelet designs, track the cost of each charm and the total cost of the bracelet design.

It also features a step-by-step tutorial showing customers how to get started.

Once a design is completed, consumers can write on Pandora’s page to share their experience or ‘like’ the designs of other users, enhancing the interactivity of the experience.

The application is constantly updated when a new design is created and allows users to view the most recent designs and their respective designers.

A ratings function within the application allows users to view the top 100 bracelet charms, bracelets and bracelet designers that have received the most ‘likes’ or comments.

The application also allows users to share their personal story by attaching personal attributes such as romance, hope or respect to each charm.

At the time of publication, the bracelet building Facebook application had 607,816 active users.

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