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5 free methods to boost your publicity game now

Generating publicity can be a great help in expanding business and the good news is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. LILIAN SUE reports on five of the best ideas for developing affordable online publicity.

Finding ways to be competitive in the jewellery industry can be a struggle, particularly in the digital age where jewellers are competing against more retailers in more retail sectors than ever before.

Generating buzz around exciting business initiatives such as a new collection that has just landed in store is a great way to set a store apart but is often a daunting prospect. Many retailers struggle with selecting an effective promotional avenue that doesn’t break the bank.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to generate publicity that will build key relationships, keep customers engaged and promote products and services without the expensive price tag – it all starts online. Here are five ways to generate online publicity.

Build relationships with bloggers

Initiating relationships with relevant industry bloggers is becoming an increasingly popular tool for businesses – large and small – looking to create exposure. The simplest means of finding an online ‘ambassador’ is to start researching bloggers who cover fashion and lifestyle subjects with a Google search. Look at the blogs appearing at the top of search results, read posts and see how they interact with fans to gain a better picture of the type of audience and influence they have.

Alternatively, social directories such as Blog Catalog and YourVersion organise blogs by region and interest, which provides a streamlined approach to conducting searches. Twitter and Facebook can also yield bloggers who review fashion and accessories.

Start conversations with these bloggers and capture their email addresses to send them newsletters announcing special events. Once a relationship has been formed, retailers can invite these bloggers to attend launches and in-store VIP events. This is a means of creating brand ambassadors and increasing the chance of gaining organic press coverage.

Share photos and videos

Platforms like Instagram, Periscope and Meerkat are ideal for sharing photos and videos of new jewellery collections as well as processes such as re-setting and cleaning. Instagram gives users the flexibility to edit photos with special filters before posting, which is perfect for those who don’t have high-tech cameras and equipment. Periscope allows users to broadcast videos live with instant notifications sent to their followers who can join and comment in real-time – a replay function is also available to viewers at a later time for them to relive the full experience. Meerkat allows users to stream shared experiences live that their audiences can also place on Twitter.

Incorporating photos and videos into a social media strategy provides an interactive and visual way to connect with audiences – ask consumers to share photos of themselves wearing jewellery purchased in-store.

Spread the news with PR

PR releases can help notify journalists of relevant news, including collection launches, events and other business initiatives. Guess what? Retailers don’t necessarily require a PR team or agency to put them together.

The first step is to research regional industry publications and make a comprehensive contact list of the editorial staff for each. Send media alerts to contact lists from relevant publications as well as freelance journalists through PR services such as HARO (Help a Reporter Out) and email CRM systems such as MailChimp. Using resources like Hubspot or WikiHow can also help retailers identify the correct keywords to use in PR releases, which can increase online visibility too.

Become a guest blogger

Consider this as a new-age spin on the ‘partnering with local businesses’ strategy. Retailers can research local businesses or ask those with whom they have already partnered about becoming a guest blogger on their website. Having a presence on a floristry, hairdressing or photography website, for example, opens the door to reaching larger audiences by introducing them to a jewellery business. What’s more, it establishes jewellers as expert authorities in the industry. Provide audiences with a first-hand account of topics such as what it’s like to run a jewellery business and how to spot quality gemstones.

QR coding business cards

When putting business cards on display or handing them to customers, ensure they have QR codes to direct them to a website and any social media accounts. QR codes are relatively easy to organise and provide another option to keep customers informed about a business. They allow consumers to interact with the jeweller and the store when they’re on the go and have the ability to boost online traffic.

Online publicity can help a jewellery business expand its reach and grow its audience without too much expense. For more resources on how online publicity can help a business grow, PRWeb has great informative and educational articles available.

Lilian Sue

Contributor • In Retrospect Writing Services

Lilian Sue is a social media and PR strategist. She operates In Retrospect Writing Services. Visit:

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