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My Store: Gray Reid Gallery

GRAY REID GALLERY aims to provide an experience leaving each of their guests feel relaxed, enchanted and most of all, welcomed.

Country: Australia

Name: Anja O’Connor

Position: Goldsmith and design consultant

When was the renovated space completed?

The renovations of the gallery were completed in 2017.

Who is the target market and how did they influence the store design?

The store has been designed to reflect our timeless values of integrity and respect towards our work and clients. Staying true to our style, we aimed to unite the classic interior space with a cooler contemporary colour palette. Consultations for wedding and engagement rings especially appreciate the invitation of more intimate consultations.

With the relationship between store ambience and consumer purchasing in mind, which features in the store encourage sales?

Stepping into the Gallery, one may be surprised how very peaceful and inviting it feels, which allows the client to relax and take time to engage. The arrangement of display allows the client to find sections that enhance the focus on engagement and wedding bands, artists, antiques and special exhibitions. The Gallery is filled with beautiful soft light and tunes, carried with gentle scents and a sense of luxury. We believe that stepping into Gray Reid Gallery is meant to be an experience leaving you feel relaxed, enchanted and most of all, welcomed.

What is the store design’s ‘wow factor’?

Gray Reid Gallery is nestled into the heritage Assembly Hall of the Scott’s Church. Ascending the marble stairs to enter the gallery, one immediately recognises the sophisticated feel of the space. Being tucked away from Melbourne’s busy Collins Street, we are known to be an unexpected yet very welcomed discovery. The gallery is fitted with beautiful large arched windows, filtering sunlight through the space. The luxurious gallery space seamlessly reflects how we value excellent craftsmanship, traditions and meaningful connections.










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