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My Store: Playa by Lucy Folk

PLAYA BY LUCY FOLK's floor was made on site to resemble the ocean.

Location: Bondi Beach, Australia

Name: Lucy Folk

Position: Founder and creative director

When was the renovated space completed?

In December 2017 our pink paradise, PLAYA, came to life.

The name PLAYA – which means ‘beach’ in Spanish – was inspired by the beaches in Formentera, where I travel every year with my family.

Who is the target market and how did they influence the store design?

The typical PLAYA customer is culturally aware and well travelled.

She has her own sense of style and is driven by originality. She is relaxed, health conscious and loves the beach and warmer places.

The concept came from a desire to create a space where I could showcase all of my own designs with a strong resort theme, inspired by the fabulous things I’ve found when travelling.

We wanted to create a place where there was energy, excitement and a point of difference.

With the relationship between store ambience and consumer purchasing in mind, which features in the store encourage sales?

The sunglasses wall, and definitely the colour of the store; it makes people feel warm and happy.

Not having too much stock is also important. All the pieces – jewellery, apparel and accessories – are all considered and meant to be there.

Having the store well lit and shelves at the right height is also essential.

What is the store design’s ‘wow factor’?

The floor was made on site to resemble the ocean – it’s poured gloss blue epoxy and has sand granules inside – while the walls are textured pink concrete.

The store was designed by my childhood friend, Tamsin Johnson.

We worked with artisans around the globe to fill the space with unique touches, including a custom-built travertine table by Freddy Ganim, limestone sculptures from artist Den Holm, marble shelving by Italian artist Ilaria Bianchi, and gilded signage from Lynes & Co in Sydney.

The environment reflects the brand – we played with boundaries!









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