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My Store: Alex Monroe

One of the main attactions at the Alex Monroe Covent Garden store is the 'Bee Wall', which was created in homage to the brand's signature Bumblebee necklace.

Location: London, UK

Name: Emma Burgin-Fox

Position: Chief operating officer

Space completed

The store – our second – was completed on 11 July 2019, and opened on 12 July

Who is the target market?

Our jewellery appeals to different people for different reasons, so our customers have always had a very broad age range.

With the Covent Garden store, our aim was to create a visual representation of the ‘world’ of Alex Monroe, rather than to attract a particular customer.

Of course, being in a much more touristy, central location in London than our first store, we hoped to attract new people to the brand – and creating such an enchanting store environment was key to achieving this goal.

Which features encourage sales?

We designed museum-style cabinets to be placed throughout the store, which were handmade for us in Devon, UK. They encourage browsing and a sense of discovery.

Meanwhile, our ‘Gold Room’ was designed to feel as if you were stepping into a jewellery box.

A recreation of an antique jeweller’s bench is in the middle, complete with velvet-cushioned workshop stools to give customers time and space to linger over their purchases.

What is the store design’s ‘wow factor’?

Hopefully we have a few ‘wow factors’, but the main one is definitely our ‘Bee Wall’ that was created in homage to our signature Bumblebee necklace.

Alex’s original design was enlarged, and then 3D-printed to create a swarm up the wall. The bees can also be spotted throughout the store.

The Gold Room, as mentioned previously, is a major feature, and a personal favourite of mine is the antique seat we re-upholstered in Liberty-print velvet.

We have been thrilled with the response to our new store, and our team there feel very much at home.







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