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The question is not what's in your brain, but rather what's in your mind.

Tips on Selling
Rebuilding mental wellbeing in sales

Lockdowns, restrictions and social distancing have all played a part in bringing many of us down; SUE BARRETT explores how the pandemic has put workplace mental health in the spotlight. Read more »
Now is an ideal time to reassess strategies, goals, and staff training.

Tips on Selling
Kickstarting sales in a new year

Whether it be a new calendar year or a new financial year, both represent a fresh start for sales teams, writes Sue Barrett, who advises the best ways to capitalise on this time and ensure success in the months to come. Read more »
Build your sales strategy on a solid foundation of virtuous values.

Tips on Selling
The virtues that business leaders should use to inform their sales strategy right now

SUE BARRETT explains how sales performance and management can be improved by implementing a new strategy that is driven by three key values of trustworthiness, co-operation, and gratitude. Read more »
Meeting a new person is just like a sale

Tips on Selling
Sales tips you can apply to everyday life

The key skills and insights of the salesperson aren’t just limited to the shop  oor; they can also help you navigate tricky social situations and uncertain interactions outside of work, writes SUE BARRETT. Read more »
Just like the Caddyshack character who wanted to catch a gopher, retailers need to think like buyers

Tips on Selling
Think like buyers for better sales outcomes

To sell to buyers, shouldn’t salespeople think like buyers? SUE BARRETT explains why the sales process works better from the buyer’s perspective, and four simple steps to break it all down. Read more »

Feature Stories
Customers want critical thinking

The role of the salesperson has dramatically changed. Where it was once about reciting product features and benefits, Sue Barrett says the most successful salespeople today are the ones who can think critically.

Subscription required. Read more »
Build a relationship, then pitch product

First, people buy the salesperson

Here’s a simple reality: customers buy the salesperson first or they don’t buy at all. Sue Barrett explains how your sales team can develop trust for a genuine connection. Subscription required. Read more »
Toxic work environments need a clean out to remove negativity

Tips on Selling
Time for a sales force detox

It’s way too easy to allow a dysfunctional sales team and a toxic culture to take hold at your workplace. Sue Barrett says to detox before your business suffers the consequences. Subscription required. Read more »
Salespeople not worried about their salary can sell more

Tips on Selling
Pay salespeople more so they can sell

If your salespeople are constantly worrying about how much will be in their next pay packet, how can they be focused on selling and making your business more profitable, asks Sue Barrett. Subscription required. Read more »
Find out what value means to customers by listening to them

Tips on Selling
Start talking value, not price

Retailers who attempt to discuss value when selling jewellery on price alone will soon realise that the only real benefit is a lower price. Sue Barrett reports. Subscription required. Read more »

Tips on Selling
Listen up and sell more

In a fast changing business environment bricks and mortar retailers have one enormous competitive advantage over their online counterparts, but most jewellers don’t realise it and even fewer use it. SUE BARRETT suggests you should keep the customers you have by employing basic human behavior. Why don't you listen?
Subscription required. Read more »

Tips on Selling
Retailers who stand still will go broke

Retailing is not what it used to be! Shopping has changed and so have your customers. SUE BARRETT says you might be losing out if you and your sales systems haven't changed to accommodate the new consumer. Subscription required. Read more »

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