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Non-traditional engagement rings for alternative brides

Contrary to popular belief, diamonds aren't ‘every’ girl’s best friend – so it’s just as well there’s an endless array of unconventional engagement rings for the bride-to-be looking for something different. Read more >>
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Disney-inspired engagement rings take the crown

Members of royalty, more specifically princesses, have long been a source of inspiration for jewellery design. But it appears real-life princesses are not the only muses, with one offering embracing the enchanted world of Disney. Read more >>
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Creative ideas for engagement ring photography

What better way to flaunt your love than with a beautiful, creative engagement ring photo that celebrates your relationship? Jeweller found some of the most imaginative photos to get you inspired. Read more >>
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The complete engagement and proposal guide

Feeling underprepared for one of life’s most special moments? Jeweller has compiled a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the nitty gritty on diamonds and engagement rings through to your proposal and wedding. Read more >>
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The World's Most Famous Diamonds

Many of the world’s most famous diamonds have been lost to history; they were either re-cut as is the case with the most famous diamond of all, the Koh-I-Noor, or their whereabouts is unknown. Read more >>
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Which diamond shape?

So you’ve decided to get engaged and now it’s time to start thinking about a ring. Where do you start? Read more >>
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Buying an engagement ring

Navigating through the sea of engagement ring choices can be tough, so read through these simple steps when considering which ring will suit best. Read more >>
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