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Gem of the Month
Colour Investigation: Zircon

Zircon is a mineral with certain optical properties that can rival those of a diamond. Found in a varied palette,the cause of colour in this gemstone is little known. STACEY LIM discusses two popular theories. Read more »

Gem of the Month
Ultimate guide to birthstones

While most people are familiar with the term “birthstone” and its association with a monthly calendar, do you know which one corresponds with each month? And perhaps more importantly, can you answer customer questions about gemstones? Read more »

Gem of the Month
Tourmaline: a rainbow in all seasons

The name tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese word “turmali,” which means “mixed”. Colour is the major characteristic of this gorgeous stone, which is found in more hues, shades and nuances than any other gem – a veritable rainbow that really lives up to its name. Read more »

Gem of the Month
Quartz: the chameleon of gems

Throughout history, quartz has been recognised as the chameleon of gemstones, substituting for an incredibly diverse range of more expensive gemstones from diamond to jade; however, in recent times, the incredible variety of quartz is being appreciated for its own sake. Read more »

Gem of the Month
Garnet: lights the way

Deep red is generally the colour that comes to mind when thinking of garnets. The use of garnet dates back to biblical times, with several references to the gem in the Bible. Legend has it that a large garnet adorned a pedestal in the middle of Noah's Ark. The brightness of the stone was said to illuminate the sea, allowing the ship to travel safely through the night. Read more »

Gem of the Month
Tanzanite: The African gem

Tanzanite is actually a coloured form of the mineral, zoisite and ranges in colour from an aqua to a deep, royal blue. Read more »


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