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Monthly Overview
Exposed: 2017 retail trends every jeweller should know

A raft of developments are emerging to meet changing consumer expectations. The question is how will they impact retailers and possibly force them to rethink their business strategies? Read more >>
Figure 1. Natural, BeHT sapphire.  Figure 2. Synthetic, flame fusion sapphire

Understanding inclusions: part 2 sapphire

Inclusions are an integral part of identifying any range of treatments that can be applied to gemstones to boost value. JUNE MACKENZIE reports. Read more >>

Feature Stories
An intimate affair at Brisbane jewellery fair

It might have been smaller in size than previous years but EMILY MOBBS discovers there were still retailers and suppliers ready to do business at the Brisbane fair. Subscription required. Read more >>
Despite being a smaller-sized show, the Australian Jewellery Fair was met with positivity

Brisbane jewellery fair: results are in

The Australian Jewellery Fair (AJF) has drawn to a close and although it was a smaller-sized fair, most exhibitors seemed to have set expectations accordingly with a general positive atmosphere reported on the floor. Read more >>
Portobello's Anne ring

New Products
Portobello Jewellery

2017 Brisbane Jewellery Fair Stand C03

Soapbox & Opinions
Sapphire grading rules

There is so much misunderstanding amongst the industry about coloured gemstone grading. The frustrations and misunderstandings are especially high for sapphire, the second most commonly-used centrepiece in jewellery after colourless diamond, of course. Read more >>
Figure 1. Natural ruby. Figure 2. Heat-treated ruby

Understanding inclusions: Part 1 Ruby

Inclusions are a gemmologist’s best friend. Why? Well, inclusions can determine whether a gemstone is natural, natural but treated for enhancement purposes, synthetic or man-made. JUNE MACKENZIE reports. Read more >>
Collective Designs' Misani bracelet

New Products
Collective Designs

2017 Brisbane Jewellery Fair Stand C10
The Fire of Australia weighs an estimated 998 grams. Image courtesy: South Australian Museum

Fire of Australia opal finds permanent home

An Australian gemstone that is said to be the world’s most valuable piece of rough opal will now reside within the South Australian Museum’s permanent collection. Read more >>
Stones & Silver’s larimar drop earrings

New Products
Stones & Silver

Stones & Silver shines with a serene hue. Read more >>
The latest armed attack on IMP Jewellery marks the second time in three months that the business has been targeted

Melbourne jewellery stores under attack

Jewellery stores across Melbourne have been prime targets of armed robberies, with a spate of brazen heists taking place in the past month. Read more >>

The only Aussie jewellery buyer's guide you need

Australia’s #1 jewellery industry buyer’s guide has hit desks! The 2017 Suppliers Directory has been mailed and the first thing you will notice is its size and four convenient sections. Read more >>

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Wednesday, 29 March, 2017 08:13pm
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