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My Store: Sarah & Sebastian

Sarah & Sebastian's Mosman store design gives an intriguing impression, without being intimidating.

Location: Sydney, NSW

Name: Robert Sebastian Grynkofki

Position: Managing director

Space completed

Early September 2019.

Who is the target market?

We knew the client base of our Mosman store would be diverse, so we wanted to create a space that was intriguing, without being intimidating. Whilst our target demographic can vary significantly, the appreciation for innovative design and clever details remains consistent, so it was important for the store design to speak to that.

To form a harmonious balance, we explored light and dark, floating and solid, and lightweight and heavy elements within the design, which was realised by architects Landini Associates.

This involved using materials such as concrete, walnut, blackened steel, mirrors and frosted glass.

Which features encourage sales?

Our intention with the design was to establish the feeling of being in a gallery, so much emphasis was placed on atmospheric, shadowy lighting.

The interior utilises refined, lightweight fixtures aimed at exhibiting the intricacies of each jewellery piece on display.

Then we created a strategic lighting design to bring the precious metals and stones to life.

What is the store design’s ‘wow factor’?

The challenge of traditional retail is what galvanised our approach to our second store: engaging our customers through immersive experiences, tactile installations and intimate communication with our staff.

The ‘wow’ factor of our Mosman store is the overall museum atmosphere of the expansive space, and the industrial finish.

These elements represent the juxtaposition of the Sarah & Sebastian brand: refined, yet raw and handcrafted.



Image credit: Ross Honeysett




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