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An untapped market of previous purchasers may be lost in your database.

Looking for – and finding – a business’ ‘lost customers’

While many businesses focus on new customer acquisition, BARRY URQUHART extolls the bene ts of re-engaging past shoppers who may have been forgotten. Read more »
Rainy-day planning still matters even when the storm passed.

Retailers can’t afford to ignore the business lessons of 2020

The economic bounce-back from COVID-19 is well underway, but BARRY URQUHART cautions those who do not heed the permanent changes to the market – and consumers’ expectations. Read more »
Post-COVID, consumer psychology has seen a profound shift.

Adapting marketing strategies to the changing patterns of consumer behaviour

During and post-COVID, consumers have been exhibiting unfamiliar buying patterns. For retailers, it’s a case of same, same, but different – and the approach to marketing should reflect that, says BARRY URQUHART. Read more »
Re-think your consumer and their needs

Advertising Report
Advertising isn't the problem - marketing is

Before blaming poor advertising for a lack of sales, retailers should scrutinise the category and the consumer of their products, then adjust their strategy and creative brief accordingly, BARRY URQUHART advises. Read more »
Great people attract other high achievers

The challenge of retaining great staff

An enterprise is only as good as its people. Seeking exceptional workers will not only improve outcomes but also influence other staff to elevate the company culture, writes BARRY URQUHART. Read more »
In retail, customer service comes first

Tips on Selling
When customer service is unshackled

It’s not enough for a business to offer customer service – it should be customer-centric from the top down. BARRY URQUHART explores how corporate culture must evolve to put customer-service skills first. Read more »
Are discounts really worth it?

Tips on Selling
The hidden cost of discounting

It’s the oldest trick in the book – retailers who lower their prices will increase their sales. The concept seems simple enough, but BARRY URQUHART questions whether it works, and if it’s really worth it. Read more »
Get the message out loud and clear

Tips on Selling
Grab your customers’ attention!

In an age of instant communication, impersonal communications fail to impress consumers – instead, business owners must grab and hold shoppers’ attention, writes BARRY URQUHART. Read more »
Personalised customer service is key

Tips on Selling
How small businesses can prosper in the Amazon era

The emergence of global mega-retailers on the Australian market doesn’t have to spell doom for traditional retailers. BARRY URQUHART discusses the importance of building a service culture. Read more »
Think hard before cutting resources

Don’t become invisible when cutting costs

Cutting resources might seem like a good idea when looking to shave costs but BARRY URQUHART reports businesses must be aware that such action can damage their market visibility and hurt their sales. Subscription required. Read more »
Customer service is no longer enough in this market

Who needs customer service these days?

Traditional customer service has given way to the pursuit of an overall customer experience. The winners of customer loyalty will be businesses that provide the ambiance its customers seek. Barry Urquhart reports. Subscription required. Read more »
Ongoing relationships are imperative

Tips on Selling
Differentiate customers from consumers

Most small businesses might believe they offer great service but customers often disagree. Barry Urquhart says this is because stores fail to build relationships, which is costing them repeat sales. Subscription required. Read more »
Beware of vested interests at board level

Tips on Selling
Deploy those countervailing forces

Countervailing forces create tension, and tension establishes the dynamics of change, for better or worse, according to Barry Urquhart who says avoiding the status quo can lead to an increase in revenue. Subscription required. Read more »
Price-based marketing assumes too much

It's the return of the selling era

Don't complain about a lack of customer loyalty, says Barry Urqhart. It is a reflection of communications that lack emotion, positioning, brand imaging and consumer education. Subscription required. Read more »

Tips on Selling
Don't get caught confusing value and price!

Confusing value with price can be a costly mistake for retailers. BARRY URQUART offers some valuable advice on the difference between the two. Subscription required. Read more »

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