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Josh Zarb joins Expertise Events

Former general manager of Leading Edge Group Jewellers (LEGJ), Josh Zarb, has joined Expertise Events. He assumed the position on 14 January, having left LEGJ in December last year. Read more »

Michael Hill fined for misleading warranties

Michael Hill’s New Zealand operating company has been fined $NZ169,000 ($AU160,000) after it breached warranty disclosure laws and misled customers into paying for warranties they did not agree to. Read more »
Chilean jewellery gang members caught on CCTV. Image courtesy: NSW Police

Chilean jewellery gang members charged, extradited

Arrested members of a South American crime syndicate are facing multiple criminal charges after allegedly stealing more than $1 million in jewellery and other luxury items throughout Australia. Read more »

More changes at Pandora

Pandora has named Phil McNutt as the new managing director for Australia and New Zealand, coinciding with the recommendation of two new candidates for the company’s upcoming board elections in March. Read more »

Applicants pour in for Nationwide free diamond training

Australia’s largest jewellery group, Nationwide Jewellers, has experienced an overwhelming uptake in its free diamond training program since its launch last year. Read more »
Jane is wearing jewellery that was accidentally donated. Image courtesy: CBC News

$52K jewellery accidentally ‘donated’ to charity

Around $52,000 worth of diamond jewellery, pearls and gemstones mistakenly ended up in a bag of second-hand clothes that was donated to charity. Read more »

More problems with JAA financial reports

The JAA’s new audit firm has called its 2018 Financial Statements into question and also identified a significant error in last year’s financial report to members. Read more »
Natures Gemstones natural Colombian emerald

New Products
0.36 carat Colombian Emerald

Natures Gemstones stands out naturally. Read more »
Bespoke Gems’ pair of fine Mozambique aquamarine gemstones

New Products
9.73 carat Aquamarines

Bespoke Gems' workmanship takes center stage.

                                                                                 Read more »
K & K Export Import's bright blue tanzanite with violet undertones

New Products
7.61 carat Tanzanite

K & K Export Import’s bright blue tanzanite captivates. Read more »
Coolamon Sapphires' light green sapphire

New Products
7.60 carat Light-green Sapphire

Coolamon's light green sapphire makes you green with envy. Read more »
Beryllos' natural Colombian emerald

New Products
1.53 carat Colombian Emerald

Beryllos dazzles with emerald. Read more »


Wednesday, 23 January, 2019 04:40pm
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