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Image courtesy: Kezani Jewellery

Monthly Overview
Bridal affair: hottest jewellery trends revealed

Weddings may be timeless but trends play a major role in how they look and feel and retailers need to be abreast of these in order to edge out the competition. Read more »
Garden of Diamonds

Monthly Overview
Uncovering the selling power of coloured diamonds

Coloured diamonds are hot property and proving valuable investments for not only end-consumers and suppliers but for retailers as well. Is it time your store took a walk on the coloured side? Read more »

Monthly Overview
Hate your old stock? Get rid of it now!

Old product ties up cash and makes jewellery stores look tired. With the end of financial year looming, avoid old-stock stress and start moving those slow-selling items. Read more »

15 gemstone myths and bunkum

As if there wasn’t already enough misinformation about jewellery on the internet, retailers also regularly have to deal with myths and bunkum about gemstones. Add an array of superstitions and prejudices and you quickly realise your sales staff have a lot to deal with.  Read more »

Are jewellery retailers being squeezed?

As retailing continues to evolve we ask, is the middle being squeezed tighter and tighter into a distinctive hourglass shape of high end and low end markets? If so, what are the ramifications for middle market jewellery retailers? Read more »


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