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Soapbox & Opinions
Remodel and recycle to survive and thrive

You know things have changed in the jewellery industry when your profit on a diamond is only 10 per cent, or you keep losing customers to ‘better deals’ on the internet. So, how can small, independent jewellers stay in business? Read more »

Soapbox & Opinions
A fair go for gold

During my early days as a jeweller, troubling images of filthy mines with poor working conditions prompted me to research alternative gold sources. This led me to become Australia’s first licensed supplier of Fairtrade Certified Gold, a qualification which guarantees the gold I work with has been mined and sold according to Fairtrade standards. Read more »

Soapbox & Opinions
Everyone forgets the price

There’s no denying there are numerous concerns surrounding the jewellery industry right now but I firmly believe that one outshines all others: too many stores are hoping to survive by carrying a limited product range in the lower-price bracket. Read more »
Mario Basso, Mario’s Jewellers, Victoria

Soapbox & Opinions
Under-appreciation is our own fault

My wife Sonia and I have been in the jewellery industry since 1971. In fact, we’ve worked in the same street, Smith Street Collingwood (inner city Melbourne), for all that time. Read more »
Ewen Ryley

Soapbox & Opinions
The future of a traditional apprenticeship

As apprentice numbers drop, there isn’t much motivation for young people to undertake a jewellery apprenticeship. The low award rate is not incentive enough which means that young people can be deterred from pursuing a career in jewellery. Read more »
Melissa Harris

Soapbox & Opinions
When the going gets tough the tough get creative

With consumers now cautious to spend, the Australian jewellery industry has fallen headfirst into a mire of narrow, conservative design and uninspiring retail spaces – Melissa Harris says an injection of emerging talent could be just the ticket. Read more »
Victoria Buckley gets on the soapbox over Australian design

Soapbox & Opinions
Jewellery design: turning over a new leaf

Tired of seeing the same old designs in every shop window? Jewellery designer VICTORIA BUCKLEY bemoans the lack of innovation and original design in the Australian jewellery industry. Read more »
Jago Gavin

Soapbox & Opinions
Keep the lights on

Product disclosure and customer education should not come at the expense of making a quick sale, argues JAGO GAVIN from Tamanie Jewellers. Read more »
Dean Walker

Soapbox & Opinions
Combating the invasion

Dean Walker, Dean Walker Designs argues jewellers should focus on manufacturing their own designs, instead of spending too much time repairing imported jewellery, to protect Australia's design identity. Read more »


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