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Pandora jewellery on hot streak -

Pandora Australia has continued its run of positive results, with revenue for the first quarter of 2015 marking two uninterrupted years of significant...

Industry on high alert for undisclosed treated diamonds -

The diamond industry has taken swift action in an attempt to address suspicions that hundreds of undisclosed treated stones have hit the global market....

Jewellery World closes after 34 years -

The announcement last week that industry magazine Jewellery World was merging with Jewellers Trade will probably raise a number of questions in the trade,...

Aussie opal considered for world stage -

Australian opal is currently at the centre of a debate as to whether it should receive international recognition as a heritage stone.

Latest De Beers investment to benefit diamantaires -

De Beers Group has purchased a stake in a company that potentially offers improved cutting technology to the diamond industry.

$25M jewellery heist rocks Cannes ahead of red carpet event -

Cannes – the French city renowned for hosting the international film festival – has again been targeted by jewellery thieves who this time...

New Products

Nikki Lissoni -

Nikki Lissoni unleashes the Woman Within.

Opals Australia -

Opals Australia launches a striking collection.

Pastiche -

Pastiche visits Shanghai.

Ikecho Pearls -

Ikecho Pearls tries something new.

Moorejewels -

Moorejewels sends a greeting.

Bulova -

Bulova introduces the Accutron II Alpha.

A Swiss luxury watchmaker has unveiled further details on its smartwatch, which it hopes will rival the Apple Watch.   [read...]
Cannes – the French city renowned for hosting the international film festival – has again been targeted by jewellery thieves who this time have stolen millions of dollars in jewellery and watches from a high-end retailer.   [read...]
Another large rough diamond – this time weighing 76 carats – has been discovered by one of the industry’s major diamond producers.   [read...]

Should you list prices on your website? -

The decision to put prices on your website is a strategic one. KARYN GREENSTREET says on the one hand, it can leave retailers feeling vulnerable but, on the other hand, pricing can provide invaluable information to prospective customers. Subscription required.

Jewellery valuations – a hot topic and debate -

How much is something worth? That’s a good question and an even better one when it comes to jewellery. It’s often hotly debated in the jewellery industry where many myths still exist.

If they can’t see you, you don’t exist -

I got the best example of how different generations think a few years ago when one of my Gen Y staff members told me someone didn’t exist because he “couldn’t find them on Google”. Subscription required.

Small-business website essentials for jewellers -

The internet is now decades old but there are still jewellery retailers that don’t quite get it. Perhaps it’s time for a review of website fundamentals. AMANDA CLARK reports.

Buddy System: a smarter way to increase jewellery sales -

While not as popular in Australia and New Zealand as the US, the sales staff “buddy system” could be a way to engage with customers on a higher and more personalised level.

Centre Stage

The World's Most Famous Diamonds -

Many of the world’s most famous diamonds have been lost to history; they were either re-cut as is the case with the most famous diamond of all, the Koh-I-Noor, or their whereabouts is unknown.

Monday, 25 May, 2015 03:12pm
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