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Jewellery fair preparations kick into high gear -

With less than one week until the opening of the Sydney trade fair, there have been a large number of late exhibitor bookings while the organiser says...

Coloured diamond dealer expands into jewellery -

Loose diamond supplier Lost River Diamonds is expanding its portfolio, having announced its involvement in a new coloured diamond jewellery collection....

New software gives jewellers an edge on store management -

A new software application that enables jewellery retailers to manage their stores in real time from any location in the world will launch at the Sydney...

Etsy creates new opportunity for jewellers -

Handmade craft website Etsy is expanding its market, having launched a wholesale division that could potentially offer retailers a new jewellery supply...

Jewellery found by mountain treasure hunter -

A climber who has spent years combing the French Alps for treasure has finally been rewarded for his efforts after discovering a hoard of jewellery.

Swarovski’s Lola and Grace lands in Oz -

A new fashion-focused jewellery collection developed by industry juggernaut Swarovski Group is set to launch at the upcoming Sydney jewellery fair. 

Swarovski Gems has revealed its highly anticipated jewellery trend forecast for 2015, where the concept of modernity seems to reign supreme.   [read...]
The JAA Australasian Jewellery Awards is the industry’s night of nights, and it only comes around once every two years.   [read...]
A new fashion-focused jewellery collection developed by industry juggernaut Swarovski Group is set to launch at the upcoming Sydney jewellery fair.    [read...]

Oh, no! Not the dreaded 'May I help you?' -

Retail experts worldwide have advised against approaching a customer with, “May I help you?” So why do jewellery store staff continue with the practice?

Musings of an unlicensed publisher -

Why can anyone call themselves a jeweller? Should specific qualifications be required before someone can open a jewellery store? Afterall, you need a license to be an electrician, right? COLEBY NICHOLSON believes he has the answer!

More than a pretty face -

Brand ambassadors were once chosen for their beauty and popularity but Tennille Secomb discovers that no longer cuts it with today’s consumers. Technology has paved the way for a new kind of flag-bearer altogether. Subscription required.

All aboard the jewellery revolution -

The jewellery industry is slowly but surely being changed by CAD/CAM technology and most people would say that’s a good thing.

Hit targets with a store brand -

Word on the street is that people buy brands, not products. EMILY MOBBS reports that jewellers can achieve cut-through with their store-brands if they tune-in to what consumers want. Subscription required.

Centre Stage

Fantasy-inspired jewellery finds a niche -

The fantasy genre continues to inspire many creative industries – and jewellery is no exception. India Nicholson explores the realm of design possibilities and how retailers can benefit.

Wednesday, 27 August, 2014 10:50pm
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