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Sydney 2015 jewellery fair shines bright -

The promise of more exhibitors, products and activities in the lead-up to the International Jewellery Fair appears to have paved the way for a well-attended...

Tiffany & Co jewellery moves to New Zealand -

Strong demand from New Zealand customers has prompted Tiffany & Co’s Australian subsidiary to expand across the Tasman.

Aussie jewellery apprentice takes silver -

A young jewellery apprentice who represented Australia at a major international skills competition has returned with a silver medal.

Rare Aussie opal makes international headlines -

An Australian opal that is said to be extremely rare has attracted overseas media attention in the lead-up to its first public appearance.

Ancient warrior grave yields ‘priceless’ gold -

Construction work has led to the discovery of a gold and silver jewellery-laden corpse that is believed to be an ancient noble female warrior.

Pastiche owners sell business to employee -

The founders of one of Australia’s well-known jewellery suppliers have sold their business, releasing the reins to allow the brand to move in a new...

New Products

Pandora -

Pandora soars through the flames.

TWM Co -

TWM Co says, “Checkmate”.

Miglio Designer Jewellery -

Miglio Designer Jewellery ups the ante on versatility.

Ikecho Pearl Company -

Ikecho Pearl Company brings beauty to simplicity.

Stones & Silver -

Stones & Silver achieves inner peace.

Bausele Australia -

Bausele Australia encapsulates the moon.

Who will be the ‘next’ Pandora? COLEBY NICHOLSON says that 10 years on, there are too many unworthy jewellery businesses getting in the way of the next big mega-trend.   [read...]
An Australian opal that is said to be extremely rare has attracted overseas media attention in the lead-up to its first public appearance.   [read...]
The latest edition of Swarovski Gemstones’ annual forecast of design trends has been released. Gem Visions is an attempt to look into a crystal ball and predict the hottest styles for jewellery lovers, designers and retailers.   [read...]

Plan, purchase and profit -

In part one of a two-part look at profitable retailing, DAVID BROWN discusses the integral components of planning, purchasing and selling new products. Subscription required.

Roadside jeweller resizes on the run -

Who says jewellery-related tasks need to be completed in a traditional workshop? EMILY MOBBS speaks with one jeweller who has taken his passion to the streets.

Jewellery industry’s latest challenge: pink diamonds -

If you thought a pink diamond was a pink diamond, think again! Sure, there’s a world of difference between a natural and synthetic stone, but did you realise there’s also a world of difference between an Australian pink diamond and all others?

A jeweller’s right to boycott -

Does the local jewellery industry really contribute to the illegal trade of one the world’s most contentious materials? NICHOLAS DE KLERK believes so and says it’s about time jewellers took responsibility.

Blunt sales advice every retailer needs to hear -

When it comes to selling, it’s not enough just to be liked by the customer. ROSS SIMMONDS exposes this as well as other sales assumptions that don’t always turn out to be correct. Subscription required.

Centre Stage

Famous face, celebrated history -

Geoffrey Munn is widely recognised for his work on Antiques Roadshow but as MEGAN AUSTIN discovers, there is far more to this antique jewellery specialist than what is seen on television.

Friday, 04 September, 2015 05:09am
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