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De Beers blamed for diamond industry problems -

The head of Rapaport Group has demanded that diamond prices be slashed in half and that the CEO of De Beers resign to improve the current unprofitable...

Christmas offers galore for jewellery retailers -

Amid positive predictions of robust consumer spending, the jewellery buying groups and various suppliers have organised a variety of initiatives to help...

Chrysalis targets new jewellery category -

The local distributor for Chrysalis has announced the launch date of the UK jewellery brand’s first children’s collection, which could open...

Fraudulent diamonds still at large -

The majority of the diamond grading reports that were invalidated by the GIA due to fraudulent alteration are still in circulation, with the investigation...

Tiffany & Co jewellery sales tumble -

Tiffany & Co has revised its earnings guidance for 2015 to reflect a “cautious outlook” after suffering the effects of a strong US dollar...

Diamond fraud; harsh sentences handed down -

A group of diamond traders have been sentenced for bribing an international grading laboratory employee and committing fraud in relation to diamond grading...

New Products

Bolton Gems -

Bolton Gems sparkles in white.

Danish Design -

Danish Design is elegant in tan.

Le Corone -

Le Corone sails to Venice.

Stones & Silver -

Stones & Silver sprouts life with rose gold.

Ellani Collections -

Ellani Collections shoots the arrow.

Uberkate -

Uberkate gets a few words in.

Japanese watch brands are improving their reputations and increasing market share at a time when the industry is supposed to be in upheaval. COLEBY NICHOLSON discovers how.   [read...]
UPDATED: Ever wondered what a multi-million dollar bra looks like? Victoria’s Secret has announced details about this year's illustrious gem-encrusted – and impressively priced – Fantasy Bra.
Selling to men is thought to be easier than selling to women … until it comes to jewellery. EMILY MOBBS speaks with a ring of jewellers who think they may have cracked the code.   [read...]

Move your business forward by looking backward -

With the festive season around the corner, it’s easy for jewellers to get caught up preparing for the busy Christmas and New Year trading period. However, the end of the year is also an important time to reflect on what went well over the past year.

Jewellers don't have to become blacksmiths -

These days, traditional shopping strips are full of ‘For lease’ and ‘Vacancy’ signs. COLEBY NICHOLSON explains why this could be a good thing.

The phone is still the best sales tool -

It might seem basic but in the modern retail world where customer communication is possible 24/7, the simple act of answering the telephone is often overlooked. RICH KIZER and GEORGEANNE BENDER advise going back to the basics on old-fashioned telephone etiquette will set your store apart. Subscription required.

When to re-order and when to run -

In the conclusion of a two-part look at profitable retailing, DAVID BROWN discusses the integral components of re-ordering fast-moving stock and cutting slow sellers.

The psychology of selling with emotion -

Top salespeople are those who understand how different emotions directly impact upon the selling process. ROSS SIMMONDS reports on how best to leverage specific personality traits. Subscription required.

Centre Stage

10 must-follow jewellery designers on Instagram -

Ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes when designing and manufacturing jewellery? Gain a backstage pass with this list of must-follow designers who share their tricks of the trade on Instagram.

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