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Thomas Sabo jewellery receives diamond reinvention -

Thomas Sabo has unveiled its latest jewellery collections, including a range comprising existing designs that have been given a diamond 'upgrade'...

Report shows contrasting fortunes for rough diamonds -

The value of global rough diamond production fell for the first time in three years despite an increase in the volume of stones produced.

Diamond dealer serves bankruptcy notice on Bensimon -

After his businesses were placed in liquidation with debts of nearly $7 million, news has now emerged that a diamond dealer has filed bankruptcy proceedings...

De Beers to auction other companies’ diamonds -

De Beers Group has made another update to its sales model by offering diamond companies the chance to sell their goods through its online auction business....

‘Real women’ jewellery comp boosts awareness -

A jewellery supplier has marked its 10th anniversary by conducting a modelling competition said to offer benefits for both customers and retailers.

$50,000 first prize for new jewellery competition -

A new Australian jewellery design competition has been announced, boasting a first prize valued at more than $50,000 and sponsorship by Armaguard and Etihad...

New Products

Opals Australia -

Opals Australia presents a light touch.

Najo -

Najo leads with a sunny disposition.

Alex and Ani -

Alex and Ani journeys deep into the ocean.

Disney Couture -

Disney Couture adds whimsical flair.

Lollo B -

Lollo B embraces vivid colour.

Miki Jewellery -

Miki Jewellery sets a winning ensemble.

A rough diamond, believed to be the second largest stone ever to be unearthed, has not lived up to expectations after failing to sell at auction.   [read...]
The range of baby and children’s jewellery available in the market continues to expand, so what are the trends for this year?   [read...]
Marriage is ever-changing yet the traditional engagement ring remains popular. ANGELA TUFVESSON takes a closer look at the latest market trends.   [read...]

Secrets to finding better jewellery staff -

Finding the right staff is an ongoing battle for most retailers. COLEBY NICHOLSON shares his tips for how jewellers can weed out the time-wasters looking for ‘any old’ job.

Product returns: turn problem into possibility -

Dealing with customers who return their purchases isn’t fun for retailers; however, when handled properly, they can minimise returns or even capitalise upon them. FRANCESCA NICASIO reports. Subscription required.

Turn your pesky jewellery returns into rewards -

Product returns are never fun for retailers so wouldn’t it be nice to learn how capitalise upon them or even avoid returns from happening in the first place?

Thinking big? Your small business doesn’t need to -

Everyone thinks the premise of retail is the need to generate growth but what if growth isn’t that important after all? KARYN GREENSTREET explains why thinking big is no guarantee of success. Subscription required.

BaselWorld 2016 pulls out all the watch stops -

The latest watches from BaselWorld are making their way to Australia. COLEBY NICHOLSON and EMILY MOBBS report on the releases expected to win over the local industry.

Centre Stage

Young and trendy: Kid's jewellery in 2016 -

The range of baby and children’s jewellery available in the market continues to expand, so what are the trends for this year?

Thursday, 28 July, 2016 04:33pm
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