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Jewellery retailer stabbed in store attack -

A jewellery store staff member is said to be in a “serious condition” after suffering numerous stab wounds from a daytime attack.

Industry tackles diamond over-grading head-on -

Three international diamond industry bodies have jointly introduced a policy designed to tackle over-grading concerns and restore consumer confidence.

Confusion over jewellery magazine closures -

News that two Australian jewellery trade magazines have merged is raising several questions not only in regards to the state of the industry but also which...

Jewellers meeting clarifies key industry topics -

Australian jewellers will have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of a number of industry issues by attending an upcoming information session.

Jewellers invited to build online retail platform -

A luxury goods giant that owns a number of high-end watch and jewellery brands has reportedly asked its competitors to help build an online retail platform...

Diamond treatments continue to cause suspicion -

Following the recent grading certificate recall by the GIA, another international diamond grading laboratory has reported stones with an undisclosed “sophisticated”...

New Products

Cudworth Enterprises -

Cudworth Enterprises proves to be top gun.

Endless Jewelry -

Endless Jewelry introduces a star-studded collection.

Lost River Diamonds -

Lost River Diamonds warms the heart.

Pastiche -

Pastiche takes on Manhattan.

Allure South Sea Pearls -

Allure South Sea Pearls brings gold intensity.

Gregio Jewellery -

Gregio Jewellery keeps a watchful eye.

How much is something worth? That’s a good question and an even better one when it comes to jewellery. It’s often hotly debated in the jewellery industry where many myths still exist.   [read...]
Researchers have determined that a rare, almost perfectly round pearl discovered in Australia grew naturally about 2,000 years ago.   [read...]
Archaeologists have discovered an ancient solid gold necklace around the neck of a more than 2,500-year-old royal corpse.   [read...]

10 tips for motivating jewellery staff -

The key to success for any business is the right staff; however, difficult trading conditions could call for an employee review. Instead of trying to motivate people, the key is to inspire the motivated and remove the unmotivated.

Too much choice can harm business -

The psychology of choice is an important factor when designing a website. GRAHAM JONES believes retailers should take cues from the world of online dating – where an abundance of choice can be a disadvantage. Subscription required.

Are you open for business? Why not check, you could be surprised -

A small jewellery store recently discovered that, according to Google, it had closed. The situation reminds COLEBY NICHOLSON of Monty Python’s ‘Not dead yet’ sketch.

Shining a light on Casting -

It’s often forgotten that all jewellers were once manufacturers, skilled artisans. These days the jewellery industry is increasingly divided into stores that are simply resellers of someone else’s products and those that can still provide handcrafted pieces.

Upping the customer experience -

Traditional retailers can learn much about creating better experiences online by leveraging those provided in their physical stores. EZRA CHASSER discusses the fine art of blending online and offline engagement.

Centre Stage

A charming new challenger -

Collectible charm bangles have arrived. STEPHANIE CHAN profiles the latest contender in personalised jewellery and explains why retailers may want this new trend in their corner.

Monday, 06 July, 2015 07:02am
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