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India denies reports of diamond discounting -

India’s peak jewellery industry body has strenuously denied reports of heavy discounting by Indian diamond suppliers caused by a “liquidity...

Amazon rumoured to trial brick-and-mortar store -

News that Amazon may soon open a brick-and-mortar store is a seemingly clear sign that physical in-store experiences remain key to successful retailing....

Mobile app offers new way to connect with jewellery consumers -

A high-profile online diamond and jewellery retailer has launched a new mobile app, indicating the growing popularity of using these tools for consumer...

Mystery box yields valuable Agatha Christie jewellery -

Jewellery once belonging to Agatha Christie has sold at auction for more than 400 times the amount paid by a woman who unknowingly acquired the items after...

Jewellery recovered from ‘Ship of Gold’ -

An excavation of an old shipwreck has yielded a bounty of treasure, including jewellery, gold coins and gold bars.

Terrifying, armed attack on jewellery store -

A brazen armed robbery involving the theft of at least one quarter of a million dollars in gold jewellery has left the owners of a family-run business...

New Products

Uberkate -

Uberkate introduces the Uberbanner.

Disney Couture -

Disney Couture shares a story.

Coeur de Lion -

Coeur de Lion heats up for spring and summer.

Renee Blackwell Design -

Renee Blackwell Design presents the Daisy Drop.

Mariana Spirit of Design -

Mariana Spirit of Design travels to a Tahitian beach.

Agatha Paris -

Agatha Paris grants Freedom.

Jewellery once belonging to Agatha Christie has sold at auction for more than 400 times the amount paid by a woman who unknowingly acquired the items after purchasing an old suitcase.   [read...]
Perhaps everyone is missing the point about the Apple Watch? COLEBY NICHOLSON believes the real “game” has nothing to do with watches, for these new wrist devices, it’s all about picking your pocket.   [read...]
Ever since the bead and charm explosion, Scandinavian jewellery design has grown in stature. Coleby Nicholson visited Denmark to explore what it is and why it’s so popular.   [read...]

Cruising for customer service -

Much can be learnt about building the perfect customer service experience from seemingly non-related industries. Adam Toporek takes to the high seas in search of service tips. Subscription required.

Fashion jewellery scene shakeup -

Bold, statement pieces have dominated the fashion jewellery landscape for years but a completely different aesthetic is beginning to mark its territory and consumers are taking note. Are you?

Jury is out on Apple Watch -

After years of speculation and rumour, Apple has finally thrown its hat into the smartwatch ring with the release of the much anticipated Apple Watch – but will it affect the traditional watch market?

A jeweller’s state of mind -

Although the future may not look bright for many manufacturing-based industries, Stephanie Chan discovered that’s not the case for JAA design award jewellers.

Multi-channel shopping – more than just hype -

Omni-channelling or muti-channel shopping is shaping up as the retailing of the future. Abbe Miller explains what it is, why it’s important and why retailers should start omni-channelling as soon as possible. Subscription required.

Centre Stage

A silver lining for every generation -

Silver jewellery is widely popular across all ages. Stephanie Chan explores how generation-specific marketing tactics can strengthen sales.

Monday, 20 October, 2014 10:15pm
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