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Diamond grading furore continues; ‘approved’ lab list released -

In the wake of international controversy surrounding the “over-grading” of diamonds, the JAA has published a list of “approved”...

Kate Spade New York makes Aussie debut -

The high-profile fashion brand Kate Spade New York is set to launch in Australia and New Zealand after signing a deal with Designa Accessories for its...

Bank accused of money laundering for diamond dealers -

An international bank has been charged with assisting Antwerp diamond dealers to hide money in offshore accounts to evade tax.

Apple releases smartwatch developer kit -

Apple has released app development software specifically designed for its new Apple Watch while a survey predicts that the US company will “kick-start”...

Gold jewellery demand weakens, platinum council established -

Global gold jewellery demand in the third quarter of 2014 was unable to match last year’s “exceptional” corresponding period, according...

Industry called to fight diamond over-grading -

After banning purportedly misleading grading reports from his online diamond trading platform, the head of Rapaport Group has called on the jewellery industry...

New Products

Sekonda -

Sekonda shines with two-tone.

Ice-Watch -

Ice-Polo sets the scene for leisurely activities.

RM Williams -

RM Williams launches Kydra women’s watches.

Danish Design -

Danish Design strikes again.

Roamer -

Roamer marvels the moon’s phases.

Bulova -

Bulova introduces the Marine Star models.

The high-profile fashion brand Kate Spade New York is set to launch in Australia and New Zealand after signing a deal with Designa Accessories for its colourful watch range.
A 392.52-carat Ceylon sapphire, said to be the fourth largest faceted sapphire in the world, has established a new world auction record price after selling for almost $20 million.   [read...]
Bold, statement pieces have characterised the fashion jewellery scene for years but could a completely different design aesthetic change the landscape? Emily Mobbs investigates.   [read...]

The most important read this decade -

A few years ago I came across a 15-volume set of business books. One book in the set was titled, “Applying salesmanship in business and personal life”. It contained fascinating insights and excellent advice on everything to do with sales.

Diamond grading fight – GIA V EGL, refereed by Rapaport -

The current debate about the use of diamond grading reports is not new. Given that it is not a “science” and involves some degree of subjectivity, there will always be room for disagreement – or at least a difference of opinion – on the grade of a diamond.

Shopping is about discovery, not being discovered -

Many retailers are losing the plot; by focusing too heavily on retail technology they are missing the point about shopping. According to retail expert BOB PHIBBS, shopping is about discovery, not being discovered. Subscription required.

A tale of two (jewellery) locations -

A violent armed robbery recently highlighted the risks for jewellery stores and, ironically, COLEBY NICHOLSON says it draws attention to the pros and cons of shopping centres.

Managerial mistakes that matter -

All sales teams make mistakes but what if it’s the sales manager who is causing these errors? Gretchen Gordon lists some common behavioural errors perpetrated by sales managers that directly affect sales. Subscription required.

Centre Stage

Watches are a man’s best friend -

As watches continue to be the most popular fashion accessories for men, Emily Mobbs sets out to discover the timepieces expected to capture the attention of males both young and old this season.

Tuesday, 25 November, 2014 11:18am
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