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Editor's Desk
But hang on...

COLEBY NICHOLSON talks about the battle between the online and traditional sectors and shares some good points as to why traditional jewellers should be pushing harder to strengthen their positions in the market. Read more »

Editor's Desk
When there is no ker-ching; changing times call for changing attitudes

There’s no doubt that the jewellery industry will see some major shifts in 2018 - after all, they have already started. Change is happening all around us now but I have often said that these substantiative shifts take time to flow through to jewellery. Read more »

Unanswered questions at JAA AGM

The JAA’s annual general meeting took place on 15 November in Sydney and, apart from electing a new board, one of the other tasks was to present the financial statements for the year ending 30 June. Read more »

Understanding this rollercoaster ride

As 2017 draws to an end, it’s hard to recall a more eventful year for the Australian jewellery industry. It has undergone massive change and it’s difficult to know in which direction it’s headed. In fact, many would argue that the local market has experienced the greatest change on record. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Jewellers Association needs a Brexit

It’s time for the Australian jewellery industry to bring about its own Brexit. With the upcoming AGM scheduled for 15 November, I believe current Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) president Selwyn Brandt must leave (exit) the board if the industry is to become united and cohesive. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Is smart jewellery a smart idea?

Wearable technology is evolving to look a lot like jewellery but should it be classified as such? COLEBY NICHOLSON asks if this expanding, fashion-focused category has a place in the industry. Read more »

Editor's Desk
It’s time for Brandt and JAA to move on

It was great to see Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) president Selwyn Brandt recently calling for a “single united voice” to represent and lead the jewellery industry. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Long road ahead for the JAA

The 2017 Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) Jewellery Tradeshow has been cancelled and although the writing was on the wall for some time, COLEBY NICHOLSON says the association’s problems are not yet over. Read more »

Editor's Desk
JAA fails own Vision and Mission Statement

Last week I provided readers with a detailed account of why Gunnamatta Media, publisher of Jeweller, had decided to end our 20-year relationship with the Jewellers Association of Australia. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Jeweller ends 20-year relationship with JAA

After 20 years of sponsoring the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA), it is time for a change. Gunnamatta Media, publisher of Jeweller, has advised the JAA of our intention to end a relationship that first began in 1996. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Sorry state of (jewellery) affairs

The recent apology by industry magazine Jewellery World to event organiser Expertise Events would be laughable if it weren’t so serious. COLEBY NICHOLSON investigates the incident, the people involved and the subsequent fallout. Read more »
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Secrets to finding better jewellery staff

Finding the right staff is an ongoing battle for most retailers. COLEBY NICHOLSON shares his tips for how jewellers can weed out the time-wasters looking for ‘any old’ job. Read more »


Saturday, 24 March, 2018 04:58pm
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