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Feature Stories
An interview with Rapaport, the Diamond Maverick

Martin Rapaport is never short of words when it comes to diamonds. Coleby Nicholson met with the industry nonconformist to discuss the current state of the international diamond market. Read more »

Feature Stories
International in-store design secrets

In-store design is a major influencer of consumer purchasing decisions but finding the right visual strategy isn’t always easy. Talia Paz scours the globe in search of jewellery stores with the X factor. Read more »

Feature Stories
Innovation keeps white metals glistening in 2017

Gleaming white metals continue to shine. EMILY MOBBS discovers the truth about different alloy properties and new technical innovations. Read more »

Feature Stories
Australia on show at Indian jewellery fair

While the India International Jewellery Show in Mumbai is one of the industry’s largest, few people realise the importance of Australia to the Indian diamond market. COLEBY NICHOLSON reports. Read more »

Feature Stories
International Jewellery Fair: The inside scoop

The 2017 IJF has concluded with the organiser and exhibitors delivering on the promise of exciting new initiatives but was it enough to unite the industry? EMILY MOBBS reports. Read more »
Thomas Sabo

Feature Stories
A new frontier for men's jewellery

Optimism abounds the men’s jewellery sector as suppliers refine products in line with the Aussie male’s conservative but far from dull demands. EMILY MOBBS reports. Read more »

Raising the fashion jewellery stakes

Lobe layering and bold statement earrings are just some of the biggest fashion trends right now. ANGELA TUFVESSON scours the globe in search of what’s hot this season. Read more »

Feature Stories
How to create a strong jewellery robbery defence

An increased number of jewellery robberies in victoria is forcing retailers to evaluate and upgrade their security measures. EMILY MOBBS investigates some best-practice strategies. Read more »

Feature Stories
An unlikely success: Denim and Time

Despite being a well-known brand with a strong legacy, Jag watches’ buoyant performance has been a pleasant surprise for its new supplier. TALIA PAZ reports. Read more »

Feature Stories
Reinvigorating community connections in a challenging market

In a challenging market, good deeds can present important business benefits to jewellers beyond any obvious advantages to the local community. ANGELA TUFVESSON reports. Read more »

Feature Stories
Jewellers in the firing line

An escalation in the frequency and force of armed robberies in Victoria is a source of constant concern for retail jewellers looking to protect their businesses. NICK LORD reports. Read more »

Feature Stories
Making the Melbourne Cup

It’s arguably Australia’s most iconic trophy but what actually goes into creating the Melbourne Cup? TALIA PAZ races to find out. Read more »


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