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Soapbox & Opinions
Margin Call

I’ve been in the retail industry my entire working life, both as a retailer and most recently as a supplier, and I’ve never seen the market as difficult as it is right now. It’s like being on a boat and you know the storm is coming but you really don’t have any idea how bad it is going to be. Read more »

Soapbox & Opinions
Rising stars need support

WorldSkills Australia is dedicated to the promotion and the building of a skills culture that celebrates excellence. We support VET-based careers and endorse the value of apprenticeships and then challenge these apprentices through competition. Read more »

Soapbox & Opinions
Turning fear into power

The recent spate of attacks on jewellery stores and other retailers in Melbourne has understandably generated fear among some business operators; however, rather than letting this fear get the better of retailers, it is important to explore ways of channelling these energies into confronting fears. Read more »

Soapbox & Opinions
Insuring a better future

How my customers insure their jewellery has been on my mind for several years now. It’s also a popular topic of conversation in my store. In my opinion, the way the insurance and jewellery industries interact in Australia needs attention. I’d like to outline some concerns, some of the good things and then offer what I feel is required to make jewellery insurance great. Read more »

Soapbox & Opinions
We’re heading back to the bench

We have just returned from our buying group conference where bespoke manufacturing was one of the main subjects of discussion. Given general retail is slipping, most agree that bespoke is a major area of growth. Read more »

Soapbox & Opinions
Getting a grip on gemstone care

I offer lapidary services and, over the past several years, I have noticed a rise in gemstones coming in from jewellers to be repaired and repolished. Read more »

Soapbox & Opinions
Future-proofing the diamond sector

The other day I was thinking about why the wine industry is kicking the diamond industry’s butt in terms of a value proposition, and I came up with my answer pretty quickly. Read more »

Soapbox & Opinions
Accept change or flounder

My career in this industry started 17 years ago as the co-owner of independent jewellery store Galleri Jewellers in Westfield Hornsby and Westfield Parramatta, Sydney. Read more »

Soapbox & Opinions
A tale of cabbages, bread and jewellery

Would you like to know what cabbage, fruit, bread and flowers have in common with jewellery? Nothing! Read more »

Soapbox & Opinions
It’s a world of metal madness

At 47, I don’t class myself as old. Certainly I’m old to my 12 and 13-year old boys because I’m not up-to-date with current YouTube celebrity videos or memes. Theirs is a different world but I am happy in the world of jewellery manufacture and still feeling pretty current. Read more »
SIHH exhibitor and visitor attendance numbers increased in 2017

Swiss watch industry on way to recovery

Following troubled market conditions, new Swiss watch export figures coupled with sentiment at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) indicate a return of some industry confidence. MARTIN FOSTER reports. Read more »

Soapbox & Opinions
Sapphire grading rules

There is so much misunderstanding amongst the industry about coloured gemstone grading. The frustrations and misunderstandings are especially high for sapphire, the second most commonly-used centrepiece in jewellery after colourless diamond, of course. Read more »


Monday, 18 December, 2017 07:59pm
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