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The GIA's new service traces a diamond's origin, and includes an app for consumers

New GIA service traces diamond’s origin

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has introduced a program that allows retailers to track the origin of select polished diamonds, potentially providing a unique selling opportunity and improved consumer confidence. Read more »
Mogok stone tract market

Feature Stories
Burmese rubies: A brief stay in heaven

The path down Myanmar’s infamous Mogok Stone Tract is perilous but the promise of riches continues to attract intrepid gemstone explorers. E. Billie Hughes visits the ruby capital. Read more »

The world's most expensive diamonds

While auction records are frequently broken by some of the world’s most rare and beautiful gemstones, recent sales imply that global demand for diamonds reign supreme. Read more »
Add value with bespoke gemsa highly-skilled gem-cutter should be able to create a design that complements the stone’s natural shape, disguising any flaws or inclusions

Feature Stories
Add value with bespoke gems

Are your customers becoming disenchanted with everyday gemstones and asking for something a little different? Gem-cutter Doug Menadue believes bespoke gemstones can provide jewellers with a competitive edge.   Subscription required. Read more »


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