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Bridal & Engagement Trends
Creative ideas for engagement ring photography

What better way to flaunt your love than with a beautiful, creative engagement ring photo that celebrates your relationship? Jeweller found some of the most imaginative photos to get you inspired. Read more »

Feature Stories
12 tips for taking better jewellery photos

Studio photographer Lex McColl discusses how jewellers can capture customers with stunning smartphone images. Read more »
iPhone 4s camera+ controls (attached to Gorilla pod grip tight)

Feature Stories
Budget Studio photography using your Smartphone

PART 2: Producing high-quality product photos of jewellery using smartphone cameras requires an understanding of exposure and focus, says studio photographer Lex McColl. Read more »
Retailers can now take their own quality images

Feature Stories
Smartphone jewellery photography: studio images from your desktop

PART 1: Studio photographer Lex McColl discusses how jewellers can take high-quality photos of product using only their smartphones and a few low-cost accessories. Read more »
Explore jewellery apps that are already on the market

Feature Stories
It's an 'Appy World: Jewellery iPad Apps

With the rapid uptake of portable devices, jewellery brands have risen quickly to meet their B2B and B2C customers through branded jewellery apps. Angela Han reports on how apps are increasingly being used in the industry. Read more »

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showing 1 - 5 of 5 results   

Thursday, 21 November, 2019 09:43pm
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